Anyone having trouble with Slacker recently?

For the last 2 days, the best feature on Slacker isn't doing its thing. I use the voice command and ask to play a certain song, it prompts me to that particular song but it doesn't play that exact song. It'll play a different song from the same artist. I've saved several songs on my Favorites and before, every time I would go to that song, it would play that exact song first. Now it plays a different song. For example, I added "Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross onto my Favorites, so it would show up as "Dance with my Father Radio". So every time I choose that selection, it would play that song first. Since yesterday, when I choose the same selection, it would play a different song.

Has anyone experience this lately?


I thought Slacker created a STATION, which when you ask for that song a second time played the station, not necessarily that song.


I signed up for a Slacker Premium account months ago but never got better access to specific songs than with the Tesla created account. I emailed ownership to get the original account info and they said slacker premium is not supported, that it's designed for slacker radio plus. So with either account I've had hit and miss success since October playing specific tracks. Now my Model S always says "unknown command" when I ask it to play anything, so it's even worse.
Tune In sometimes shows up when I'm browsing but usually it doesn't. It's all slightly annoying when I want to show off, but 99% of the time I'm listening to FM, and reception on that front has noticeably improved since I first got the car. It's now just about exactly the same as my Infiniti. And I love having HD radio built in.

I have the same issue. I contacted Slacker Radio and gave them the email address in the setting menu and they looked up the account. They said I have the Radio Plus account so I can't ask for a specific song and the account was always that service. By the way each Car seems to have a unique account.

All I know is I was able to select specific songs before last week. Maybe Slacker has a intro offer to get you to upgrade. I was hooked on requesting songs so maybe I'll buy an upgrade account...

It worked the first time. Never since. I say, "play ABC by XYZ " and Slacker creates the ABC Station, playing similar songs from that genre, but not the song requested. Strange. Elon can do it. Saw the video. But then, Elon has done some other things I haven't. ;)

Has anyone asked Ownership about it?

Same issue. Some weird stuttering constant white noise.

I just called the local Service Center, and he said there were a bunch of audio problems that were introduced with 4.4. These will be addressed by a software update VERY soon, according to the service manager.

Ownership is working on it. Emails to Slacker customer support have gone unreturned. I'm back to my flash drive.

Something changed with Slacker. Period. Tesla needs to know about ticked off many of us are. Elon touted this feature as one of the neat tech features of the car. Many of us demo this feature when we show off our Model S'es (and possibly sell others on owning one). Now either Slacker just went and made him a liar or something broke. We all should be calling into the Ownership team to express our displeasure at having this feature disappear.

I spoke to Ownership on Monday. They are aware of the issue via numerous reports from other Model S owners. They suspect it may be something that changed with the Slacker Radio Plus subscriptions. Didn't get the warm and fuzzy that it would be fixed any time soon though since it was on the Slacker side and not Tesla. Opened a case and hope to hear back on the eventual solution.

Suggest others do the same. Ownership can be reached by dialing (877) 798-3752 x4. It takes two minutes.

I just got off the phone with Tesla Support and they confirmed that this IS a Slacker issue. Slacker is aware of it and they are working to resolve it. No timeframe was provided to Tesla for a fix.

I, too, loved that feature, and it was also one of the best "show off" features of the car (after the g forces). I, too, have lost that feature, and I too have suffered from backseat requests for Gangnam Style.

Here's a question, though. Some of the songs I request are present and titled correctly on my USB stick. Why is that not included in the search?

Slacker doesn't search your USB stick as far as I know, it only searches a remote server.

ETA on the fix by ownership is by this weekend, which after mandatory technology correction factors means by next weekend. Props to Tesla for getting up to speed on this issue quickly.

Glad to hear problem will be fixed. Makes driving the car so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the update on the fix.

Hallelujah, Slacker is working again! It's a great start to my weekend!

+1 Was able to bring up the song the my daughters requested tonight. I hope we get to keep this feature. It's very cool.

It's broken for us. Ours is a 40 kWh with 4.5. Got it just a few days ago. At the walk-through we told it to play New York New York by Frank Sinatra. It found that and we selected it but it played something else. Today I tried the same thing and this time when I selected it from the list it did play the correct song, but then I asked for Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and it found two versions by different orchestras. I selected the first one but it played something else by that orchestra. I can't get it to reliably do the right thing.

@ Jeff,

Annoying isn't it ? Ownership is still working on it. No estimate for fix.

With the exception of a handful of songs that seem to be likely licensing issues, mine is working flawlessly now. Remember that just because a song is in the search results doesn't necessarily mean Slacker has the rights to play it on demand. About 1 in 10 songs seems to have this problem.

At least with the Slacker on my car - it prefers to play random songs - than what I request. When requesting to play an album - it might play one song from that album - and then start playing songs from other artists. Same is true for playing by artist.

When requesting to play a single song - it might play that song - before starting the random alternate artist mode.

If this is the way Slacker is supposed to work - it's not very useful.

Or could this just be a problem with the software implementation on the Model S?

For now - it's free - so it's hard to complain. But when it comes time to start paying for the service - as of right now, it would be hard to justify spending anything - again, at least with how it is working on my car, using the Tesla default account.

BP, yes, that's how Slacker works; the idea is that Slacker pays a much lower fee for that approach because once you've listened to your "on-demand" song, they can play other music that you might eventually be tempted to go buy (this is the record industry's hope). Services like Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. that let you play any song on demand as well as entire albums on demand charge $10-15/month, versus Slacker's $4/mo. (Slacker does have a $10/mo. option that is more in line with this approach, but it is not yet compatible with Model S.

Slacker has definitely lost functionality. For three months the service nailed 95+% of requested songs on the first hit. Licensing issues like the Beatles catalog etc. were infrequent and easy to identify. The same ten songs I had no problem requesting for months have suddenly become unobtainable. Licensing issues? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I was given a P85 loaner recently and it was like old times. The songs I couldn't pull up on my car anymore all loaded immediately upon request, repeatedly, for the two days I had the car. My car was returned and Slacker is again stupid. Stsy tuned, there's more to this story.

Robert, I had the issues but they did in fact go away, and good times are here again. This is definitely a narrower problem than it was and is not an issue with all cars like it was.

I do hope they are still working on it. I posted about it because the last posts indicated the issues were fixed, so when we got ours I thought it would be working and I wanted to let everyone know that on ours with version 4.5 it's still broken (or re-broken).

Would like to be able to play Sail by AWOLNation again. Cool song. It finds it in a search. But I select it and something entirely different plays that isn't even the same artist.

I don't think Slacker has been able to play more than 2 or 3 songs in a row w/o it dropping out like crazy. I can't tell if the problem is Slacker, a horrible cell modem in the S, or AT&T's lousy network. Or a combination of the three.

I have been noticing that after a phone call, Slacker gets stuck on the same graphic, while playing different songs. I usually have to change stations in order to un-freeze the graphic. A few days ago, it got stuck, and it wouldn't allow me any control access, and I had to reboot.

Hopefully 4.5 will fix some of these issues.

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