Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

63... My signature should arrive ~ Dec/12 (CDN S#146)

22, but I am getting it for my dad using my first signing bonus. He got me through college and he has always joked that I could pay him back by getting him a sports car.

Oh I should add he's turning 50 next May, so he should be 50 when he gets it!

What a great gesture! Does he know yet?

#442 Sig Performance St Louis scheduled for Sept
Will be 57 in late Sept.
What a nice BDay present
Love the Tech and the Electric Acceleration


Has anyone calculated the average age yet???

See prev. page. Periodically I add to the count. 45.6 last check, median 50.

Thanks, Brian H!

Side survey: Anyone care to venture a guess as to what Brian does for a living that enables him to be so handy in keeping track of the average age (and median! But wait, what's the mode?! ;)...?

#1101 expecting delivery in October. My birthday is next month so I'll be 37. Looking forward to the big day. (Car not birthday... lol)


51 - Sig#517

50 is the new 30


61 and selling my CTS-V to go electric


Turned 39 last week.

25 @ #7294!
I hope that doesn't make anyone feel old

Just turned 53 and, hopefully, I will get the cars before I have turned 54...
Sig #85EU / P #270EU


Brian H, thanks for the calcs...

However, not to be nitpicky, but, well, I guess I am being nitpicky.....

Your "50" median is more of a "midpoint" between max (77) and min (23). The median is typically defined as half of the total participants is above that point and half is below that point. There could be a case where there are many more people above the midpoint - this would give a median higher than the midpoint. There could also be a case where a few outliers could skew the midpoint one way or the other. Now, it COULD be that the midpoint is exactly the median though. My appologies if this is the case.

I had to go through this with my kids not too long ago - but I don't recall "mode" for some reason.

25 @ #4559!
Right there with ya, mrcool. ;)

(Hope this works)

Current Analysis

45 Median (The Middle)
42 Mode (Most Common)
46.87 Average
12.74 Standard Deviation in Years

Age Brackets:
Qty Age
10 20 to 29
36 30 to 39
55 40 to 49
29 50 to 59
16 60 to 69
11 70 to 79

Expect to be 41 when P10,636 is delievered next year.

Fail. And I don't believe your disclaimer! >:\

Roit UR. Been a while since I had to remember all that. The mode is just the "peak" point -- most frequent individual value. May be more than one. E.g., a bust is bimodal!

I may get busy enuf to actually spreadsheet the numbers instead of just adding and counting. Or not!

Seeing the bar graph demonstrates that I am literally "over the hill!". ;D

Yes, and I'm also literally over the "hill". But driving this car I will make me feel at least 10 years younger and it would put me in the sweet spot! Thanks Lobo for crunching the #s.

44 might be 45 at the current production rate!

40. Will be 41 when I get Model S...

I was 42 when making my reservation. I will be 46 when I get my car next spring/summer. But the wait is half the fun, don't you think? I really don't mind, but then I needed those years to save up some money.


to old for rock´n roll, to young to die
but perfect for Model S...

#714; EU

46.87 Average
In 61.5 days I will be exactly the average age. My MVPA (S802) says September delivery, but from what I read on these forums that's looking unlikely. I hope to still be younger than average when I actually get it.

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