Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

I guess I am the old man in the group. I am 80 1/2 but my wife will be 79 when she gets her model S. I am a previous sucessful aurocross driver. I drive about 2500 miles a month and expect to use the Signiture Series for all of it. I guess that makes our average age for the two cars at around 79 3/4. Can anyone top that?

44 expecting delivery Feb or Mar 2013

Is this the longest running thread here?


Oh, heck no!

E.g. Model S Reservation Tally! Going since April 2011, has 1475 replies.

You have inspired me.I will be 72 when my S arrives. 2500 miles per month!?
Wow! Where How Why so many miles? You do get around. What a great vehicle to use over all those miles. What charging method will you be using?

As far as overall youngest, only TM will ever know. Way less than 10% of owners use this site. <200 on this list, 12,000 reservers, we're at <2% sample so far.


It is encouraging to to inspire a person. I am an Oncologist that serves smaller hospitals around Indianapolis, 4 of which are over one hundred miles from home, thus and am on the road over 200 miles a day on many days a month. Indianapolis Power and Light has a pilot program for electric car owners under which they will install a charging system with a separate meter at a cujstomer's home or office to charge at off peak hours at $0.2247 per kW hr. Since I am getting the 300 mile model, I can just charge each night but am negotiating with 2 of the hospitals for charging stations at their facility for my car and others as they come.


I am 66 but will probably be 67 when my Blue MSP arrives in November. In fact it just might arrive for my 67th birthday! Now that would be my best birthday present ever!!

Laurence1. I am 77. It is wonderful to have someone to look up to in these forums!

@Teoatawki, oh yeah, I forgot about that one. MichiganModels did a very good job keeping track of all the numbers.

@Laurence1, good luck buddy.

45 when I reserved, 47 now, and hoping to get it for my 48th birthday next April.

Passion & Patience!


26 but ordered this when i was 25 :)

Rod 62, Barbara 56

@Laurence: Only in America! Where else would you find Oldtimers like yourself ordering such a car and driving so many miles in it? Really really cool - good luck!

@Laurence: Only in America! Where else would you find Oldtimers like yourself ordering such a car and driving so many miles in it? Really really cool - good luck!

58.5 expecting delivery in November.

I will be 43 when I take delivery, I was 41 when I reserved. Laurence, you rock!

28 now. 29 (or close to 30) when taking delivery next summer/fall.

P140 will be 55 when Model S arrives 11/2012, SW of Boston. A meetup would be superb!

30 now, more likely than not, 31 at delivery.

Just turned 43.

At 185 "participants", average has edged up to 46.8; waiting is making everyone older!


Brian H: What is the standard deviation of the ages?

I'm right there in the middle, 46.5.

Dr. Laurence, you da man.

previously (p. 6) lobo426 computed SD=12.74. Prob'ly still pretty close.


43, can't wait to get my S hopefully in October. I'm not having a MLC, just want the coolest and greenest car I can get. Already downsized the house so this was the next step! I want to retire from corporate life around 50.

I am 44, but will be 45 when I receive my vehicle in November/December.

45 at the moment, but waiting for my S to arrive is aging me quickly. I expect it to arrive just after my 46th bday. I hope to feel much younger once I get behind the wheel ;)

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