Battery life

I notice that the 60 kWh battery has an 8 year or 125,000 warranty.... but I was wondering what is the maximum battery life on the vehicle? Is it the 8 years covered by the warranty or should I expect more?... and when it comes to changing the battery, how much will that cost me?

Nobody knows, but the engineers privately expect about double the warranty life. Depends what you mean by "life"; at 70% degradation a 85kWh battery is almost exactly the same as a new 60kWh, and is past the bulk of the capacity loss.

Correction, at 30% degradation (to 70% capacity) ...

Vielen Dank!

Interesting thought ..., depending upon how a 60 kWh is limited to provide 40 kWh suppose expected life of 40 could be more than otherwise may have been if battery pack had actually gotten into production.

Taking the number of cycles as fixed (full 0-full = 1 cycle), one would expect the 60-pretending-to-be-40 to last 50% longer!

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