Car Unlocking by itself in 4.3

Last night my car installed the 4.3 update. This morning after I parked the car and locked it manually and walked away, I noticed that when I came back the car was unlocked. After making a second stop this morning same problem occurred. There seems to be no way to keep the car locked with 4.3. I would recommend not installing the software yet. Cannot really use the car if it can't be locked

There is a thread here for the 4.3 update. You might take a look in there for info and contribute there. Be sure to note which version of 4.3 do you have.

I had the same error after installing 4.3, contact your local service center ASAP. It appears to be a bug with some of the MS's, and is a easy fix.

Kudo's to Tesla! I called them this morning, Sunday and spoke to someone at Ownership experience. He noted problem and said someone would call me back. Within 10 minutes received call and they had me reboot both screens and turn off auto presenting door handles. They told me that they would notify the LA service center and I should here from them. Work around gave me a temporary fix. Have to congratulate Tesla for great response time.

TiklMan; Did you have to bring your car to service center?


Yes, although they might have a remote solution by now.

Not having that problem with updated software. Do you have Tech package with auto-presenting handles?

Hi CarlE_P439:

Does your update says V4.3 (1.25.40)?

The contagion has gotten me!

My locking features were perfect until I took the V4.3 (1.25.40) and now I got the same symptoms as Flex describes.

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