Charging station concept

I was thinking about solar power charging stations that could pay for themselves by selling electricity to the power companies. There could also be larger outside the city solar charging stations that also double as a rest area for drivers. More area will also increase the solar power capabilities, give drivers a place to rest, can help with the lines at charging stations, and can be fun places for families to visit on their way to a destination. Increasing the mobility of consumers will also provide incentives for cities to offer good deals on the land and or property taxes. Just a thought. I absolutely love this companies primary product though. I think meeting the 300 mile/charge thresh hold for one charge definitely puts this company's product over the customer expectation threshold.

Did you check out this company? Someone else posted about it on another thread.

Looks like a pretty simple ye efficient approach to charging. Wonder if these ethnology could be adapted to supercharging?

typo ...yet

other typo lol ...thechnology.

Really???? I cannot believe this forum doesn't allow you to edit what you wrote, it should at least give you a couple of minutes after you post to edit. technology.

No, this isn't a real forum, just sort of a mangled blog comment site. Unfortunately.

Yeah it's kind of lame. The best thing is to just let small typos go. Don't bother making a second post to correct yourself unless your typo made the meaning of your post unclear.

Oops I forgot about the topic.

I thought that was the idea behind the superchargers, at least for some of the installations anyway.

Sounds like the Super Charger network Tesla has already started to build out. By their sister company Solar City.

If you listen to the "reveal", Solar City is integral to the system. It is what permits "free for life" access by MS owners. The cost to TM is trivial; a full station costs about $250,000 in chargers and hardware per station, a one-time cost.

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