Colorado Ski Areas with access to Charging Stationg

I am wondering if anyone has seen, or used, any ski resort charging stations?

I've asked the same question but haven't gotten any responses. The only one I've seen is a Chargepoint station in Viceroy Snowmass. I've not used it but if I range charge I pretty sure I can get there. It's about 200 miles from my house but with the elevation change and cold, it could be close.

Rumor has Ira supercharger will be somewhere around Vail. There is a charger at Vail that I have seen Roadsters using.

neighbor just informed me that there's a Tesla charging station at the close-in covered $25/day parking lot

On one of the charging station apps (can't remember which one: Recargo or PlugShare), they list a charging station in the Vail main parking lot.

At least, I think that's where I saw it.

That charging station is at George Restaurant and Pub in Vail, according to Recargo.

There is a charging station at the Mountain Haus , Vail 292 Meadow Dr. They were very accommodating Steve the GM has. Model S along with several other ev's. very nice lace to stay also!,,

For overnight stays, Saints John in Keystone has a garage with one 110 outlet per about 3 parking spots. You would probably need to reserve directly with Keystone to get into a specific property. I reserved through, and ended up in a condo that didn't accommodate electric cars at all (but my sister got placed in Saints John, that's how I found out about the plugs).

@Jacob - Thank you! Very helpful. It's truly disappointing that more resorts on not onboard with this yet.

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