Consumer Reports Next Issue (July) Preview: "Road Test, The best vehicle we've ever tested: Tesla Model S"

Hidden at the back of the June issue. Can't wait to hear what they've got to say......

link ?

I think it's the hard printed copy so that would make a link difficult :-)

Yes indeed, old school print version.

people still support hard printed magazines? should know better especially if you support tesla ;)

What page? I'm looking at the June issues and don't see it....

It says the same thing in the electronic iPad version, just a picture of the car and the statement above

Ok, I have the June issue of CR in front of me. The Tesla S was on the cover of the April issue. What page of the June issue does it mention the Tesla Model S?

The only page I see any mention is on page 5 under letters to the editor (called "On your mind") when someone asked what kind of car is on the cover of their April issue.

Editor's answer: "It's a Tesla Model S".

Here is a link to the TMC forum with a pic of the CR page!
Thanks Stevezzzz!

Consumer Reports Gushes Over an Automobile. This is news.

Couldn't they use a pic that didn't look like the car ran into a fire hydrant?

Thanks for the link. But to be clear, the Tesla S is not in the June print issue as an upcoming feature for July. It is mentioned on the ipad version only.

That said, CR readers are fanatic supporters of the magazine and this is great news!

I received the June issue in the mail a couple of days ago, so the July issue should hit mailboxes in the beginning of June.

Glad you found my link already...I was just logging in to post it, myself.

@SamoSam: That's just the point, CR _doesn't_ gush over cars. For them to make the unqualified statement "The best vehicle we've ever tested..." is uncharacteristically close to gushing, even if it's just a bald statement of fact. Well, opinion, actually, but impressive nonetheless.

@SteveZ - Maybe I should have put several exclamation points at the end. This is news!!!

CR is as even-handed (sometimes overly critical) as any review can be since they don't take ANY advertising and they are subscriber supported.

If they are "gushing" over the Model S, then TM better get ready to put on a second (& third) shift to make this car. Now the "I'm holding back until I can get an objective review" crowd are going to be be knocking down the doors to get at this car.

Plus it has a whole lot more credibility that the NYTimes and FUD specialist, he who must not be named.

Oh, ha ha, my bad, SamoSam: I read your Capitalized Every Word Sentence and deadpan 'This is news' as sarcasm.

Oh this is terrific news for Tesla. Time to break out the champaign. :-)

As a car guy, I've learnt not to take CR car reviews too seriously, however. Their fan base though, will hang on to every word. So tesla better get ready to add shifts like some have been saying. :-)

Champaign Illinois?

Umm, this is a big deal.

I just downloaded June's CR magazine on my iPad. Looks like the editors may have done some editing. (I guess they did not want seem like they are gushing over the MS). What is says now is

The best vehicle we've
tested: Tesla Model S
electric car
Sorry for the cold water but it did not have "ever" in the caption.

Double check your iPad's version of June's issue. Does best tested mean this month's review, this year, or ever? Eagerly waiting for the July issue.


Good catch! That's what happens when I rely solely on the iPad to catch my typos.

guenst - Unless they change this in the next 30 seconds, it looks like it says 'ever' to me.


get the actual iPad version of CU, not what has been posted and copied on to forums by third parties. best to get from the source directly

meant to type CR (consumer reports) rather than CU (consumer union)



IF you look at the CR iPad article vertically (portrait view) the "EVER" is missing.
when look in the horizontal view (landscape) it does say ever!

Yes CR is gushing.

We already knew it was the best car ever

When I took my test drive two weeks ago, 20 minutes into it I turned to the rep and said "this is the best car I've ever driven". So, I agree with CR and I told the rep prior to the drive I wasn't in the market for a car (have an Audi A7 2012). .........just ordered my Tesla Model S last Friday

I'm taking delivery on Friday or Monday coming from a 2013 a7 too @bobrode! It is the best! Can't wait.

If you hold the CR iPad article diagonally it says "REALLY TRULY EVER" tested....


its says really when you hold it to the left
hold to the right is says really really and not kidding!

go my delivery button this am, (really)

The point is... they have tested a lot of cars over the years and many people take their opinion as gospel.

This is great news for Tesla. The rest of us here who have Model S' already knew this of course...

This is a tremendous accomplishment! Consumer Reports is stingy with praise. Good ratings are hard to come by. Many manufacturers aspire to get a "Recommended" let alone "Best Buy." I think this will impact sales.

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