cost of charging, in California, Solar City proposal

Solar City is installing charger for coming Tesla (80amp !!).
they also sent me a proposal for installing solar system for the house.
I am currently using 12,000 kwh per year.
proposal claim with Tesla, I will be pushed into Tier 3/4 all year (instead of 2 months in summer). rate will be around 30 cents / kwh. This came as a big surprise to me: this means fully charging my 85 Tesla will cost me ~$25 for about 180 miles (using realistic number for way I drive), this is a lot more expensive than running my Prius. about the same as a mid size Camry / Accord.

1. does this sound right ? if not, where did my calculation go wrong ?
2. I asked the rep why can't I use the timed charger feature (rumor to be out this month ?) between 12am to 6am, won't I be charged a lot lower rate. The rep claim (said it is a complicated calculation, which I have no doubt) it still basically comes back to total kwh, so I will still pay ~30 cents / kwh. Is he BS'ing me for trying to sell me a solar panel system ?

thanks all for help....

Get multiple bids for the solar PV system. I believe SolarCity is very high priced for the jobs they have bid for friends of mine.
I'm a believer in owning and not leasing.

I have a 3300 square foot home with dual A/C and am running a surplus back to PG&E every year with a 7.7kWh (36 Panel system). My MS should be free to operate.

I don't know your particular electrical usage other than what you state in your opening comments. I do know you don't have to produce all of your power needs instantaneously. I believe your goal should be to overproduce slightly so you only pay the electrical distribution and electrical fee's/taxes (~$13/mo) every month with you gas bill. When on solar PV you are on Time of Use (TOU) metering where the summer peak can get up to, as I remember, $0.43/kWh tier 4 and as low as $.21/kWh tier 1. Off peak is as low as $.06/kWh and I think up to $.011/kWh. My wife and I are retired and live in our home full time during the day and we still overproduce power. If your house is empty most of the week during the day then all that power goes back into the grid and you get to consume at partial and off peak rates.

Charge at night when you're sleeping and I'd think you might not get out of tier 1 unless its dead of winter (I have two months a year where we exceed tier 3 but that is wiped out by the rest of the years production). But as long as you overproduce during the day it doesn't matter because you settle your bill once per year. If you overproduce you'll get a small check if not you'll pay a minimal amount as long as your PV system is sized correctly.

If you live in the Bay Area and want to discuss (get referrals or just chat) send me a private message from the Tesla Motor Club site, my user name is lov2krz

but be polite when you PM him. He likes to cuss people out, you know. Quite shocking!
Some people do just "love to curse".


bellwilliam, it's love to cruise not curse. I'm dyslectic so I get it.

I love to cruise (krz) on my motorcycles, autos, bicylces and on ships.

I also love solar PV, not sure how that relates to cruising other than with I cruise right through my electric bill. You get the point.

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