Does anyone still like the look of carbon fiber?

I always thought carbon fiber was a gimmick, and looked very 90's. I was surprised to find that you can tart up the Roadster with a total of eleven different carbon fiber retrofits, at a total cost of $13,000 if purchased as a package. (See:

For those on a budget, $1,200 gets you this tiny trim accent:

Does Elon have some sort of a carbon fiber fetish that we have thankfully been spared in the Model S? Or am I missing the boat, does everyone still think carbon fiber is uber kool?


I chose carbon fiber trim.....I do like the look, but it has always seemed to be aimed as a high-end sports car thing (and priced to match). Porsches, Lambos, and others usually offer options generous with carbon fiber accents. Sedans and less expensive cars, not as much.

Nope - not my thing.

No, it is extremely ugly!

I like it.

I like it only for the fact that all my past cars have had the same over-glossed wood. Enough already.

It's an option on the S.

To each his own, I prefer the cf look over a picture of wood on plastic.

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap is far far cheaper and hard to tell apart, nowadays.

The CF didn't do it for me. It's bit trendy and it doesn't show off the interior lines of the car, in my opinion.

I didn't care for the look of the matte carbon fiber spoiler on a glossy car finish either. I may have ordered a spoiler if it came with an option to have it painted to match the car's body.

I love the carbon fiber interior trim. It's a lovely matte finish that doesn't detract from the rest of the dash. I felt that the wood options, due to the strong vertical grain, were a bit too loud. There's also something a little Brady Bunch about wood trim, but I admit that is a personal weirdness. :)

I went with Piano Black as I figured I would get sick of the other ones eventually.

Carbon fiber is the cooliest thing one could have in a high performance car. I love it in my Porsche and I believe it's the most popular inteior option, along with Alcantara, among Porsche buyers. It's not just a gimmick or Elon's fetish he has owned some of the most expensive super cars.

It's just me but I don't feel wood fits the high tech look of model S that well.

The MOST expensive and exotic vehicles on Earth are loaded with CF (Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc). Thus, because it is the strongest, lightest, and most durable space-age material on Earth currently (and is also used in most race-cars), it has become very fashionable.

Personally I love it, but then again, I am a huge car enthusiast.

The Prius didn't have CF available when I bought it, so when I finally got a the MS I went with it.

Yes, carbon looks cool. And yes, it's fashionable. However, it's also a fantastic material to work with. It's super light, super strong, and can be molded and layered-up a million different ways.

I rarely ride my steel racing bicycles anymore because my carbon fiber bike rides so much better. I'm also about to get rid of my handcrafted, boutique acoustic guitar with its beautiful cedar top and mahogany back and replace it with a carbon fiber guitar. The CF guitar will stay in tune and is virtually indestructible. It is also not prone to warping, cracking, or changes in humidity which can affect the sound.

I bought my daughter a CF violin bow when she headed off to college, so I'm slightly familiar with the merits of pernambuco vs CF. I hadn't really read or contemplated the effect of building a instrument from CF. I imagine there are debates about the quality of resonance of wood vs CF. I doubt Strad seekers would readily accept a CF substitute. What are your observations about sound quality?

Love the look of CF on my grey/black P85+, it we're keeping score.

As with any material, it could be done well or poorly. I like the carbon fiber in my interior, but can't say that I like it everywhere I've seen.

It's subjective and comes down to design and tastefulness. Some wood textures look good and some don't too.

I'd would like to see a little more carbon fiber on the Model S. I was actually thinking of wrapping the door sills in carbon fiber. They're currently cheap looking plastic.

I haven't seen any CF interiors, but I like the look of the matte black spoiler.

I've also been thinking solid or wrapped carbon fiber nose cone would look better than the cheap looking plastic one.

I can understand the selection of CF for its performance, but as a solely cosmetic accent, it is odd. Makes more sense in a car that also uses a lot of it for "real" purposes: body, frame, etc.

I wouldn't want an entire dash made of CF, but the CF accents in the Model S cabin are attractive to me. And, given its great strength and low weight, for an engineer like me, I appreciate it as an amazing material. Is it essential on the dash? Nope, but neither is wood (real or fake).

Carbon fiber definitely skews younger....Older drivers seem to prefer traditional wood trim more than younger drivers do. Its use began for practical purposes for weight-savings on high-performance cars so it rarely appeared in luxury sedans which have an older target. I'd say people under 40 would be more inclined to choose carbon fiber. This car is a special case though as more buyers are coming from mainstream vehicles than others in its price range. Those buyers may not have had much exposure to CF and are not used to it, so for them it may be an acquired taste.

Coming from a Mercedes with real wood, I didn't even consider any of the artifical looking wood trims only because they seemed too loud for not being real. I also think carbon fiber better fits the fast, high-tech spirit of the car.

I like the look of CF and thought the wood looked retro. Personal preferences.

Do you get a Members Only jacket when you order the CF?

CF is like grey leather, very 90's.

@GDH: You are so droll.

The world's most contemporary supercars all feature extensive use of carbon fiber:

Porsche 918 Spyder
McLaren P1
Ferrari LaFerrari F70
Lamborghini Aventador
...just to name a few

So, if you think that makes CF "retro," maybe you and I have different understandings of that word. ;-)


I couldn't disagree more. CF has been used more in the last five years, than all of the 1990's.
Obviously in the 1990's, if you could afford a vehicle with CF, you were one in a million. Now days, it has become a fashion statement of 'high-tech' quality (thus the popularity of faux CF body-wraps, etc).

Regardless, different stokes for different folks, however, I am fairly certain Elon added it to the Tesla Roadster and now Model S, because it reminded him of materials he liked in his collection of exotic super cars he has owned over the years.

Either way, CF is the gold-standard when it comes to racing and super cars today (like it or not).


Oh, and BTW... 'Members Only' jackets were only popular in the early 1980's (I know, I had one back then ;-)

I have a MC Red with Tan and Carbon Fiber. Looks great.

@Tiki. +1


Don't forget the McLaren F1.

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