Does the Forum have less added value as compared to last year?

Last year, prior to, and just after the launch this Forum was very useful and interesting.
I noticed that there is less and less 'news' coming up.

We already lost Volker last year, it seems to me that he quit at the right time.

I see it. I'll do it when I'm good and ready. I don't like people telling me what to do. Keep you eyes open I might surprise you.

Thank you for your comments. We all here for the same reason. BTW I look at the 2 side of a coin. Nothing is perfect. If I upset anybody here I'm sorry. I made lots of calls to Tesla and talk to everybody. To get as mich info about the Model S.

I like this forum but I try to be fair. For example the NYT reporter everybody put this story down on here. What I learn in life. There is 3 story. The reporter story, Elon story, and the real truth which only god knows. I don't trust anybody... Not the reporter or Elon. One want to sale papers and the other sale cars.

Again thank you for your time and have a nice week

You're either super busy, super principled, or super full of it. I know which one I'm going with.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

BTW nnt, if you can see that thread, what is its title?

Looking for the Smoking gun


For private threads, you can see the title you simply cannot comment. When I am on my cell looking at the threads without logging it, it shows the titles but then shows zero comments and a lock. Once I log in, I can open them and see the contents. Thus him knowing the title means little. NNT posting to the private thread will tell whether he has a reservation.

NNT- it's a car. A really cool car. But at the end of the day, not a spouse, or life and death, or a career.

Takes a while to charge it. Goes fast, handles great, really comfortable. Price is public. Why do you need to keep bugging Tesla? Buy one, or don't. Read consumer reports. I bought one. It's great.


Thanks for the clarification. He certainly has time to post under this thread but not the private one. So we can eliminate "busy." That leaves "principled" or "full of it." He's probably throwing together a reservation now so that he'll be able to respond. That's why he "doesn't want to" hasn't been processed yet. Very sad...


I doubt his allowance is that high...


It is now very clear that you have no reservation, no brother with a Model S, and are a dishonest prick. You have been called out and proven a liar. You were given all the tools to redeem yourself, and could not. You will rot in a special corner of Hell reserved for losers.

I agree with P_Dave on that last comment.

I would also like to say that unlike Nick, Brian H, is most certainly NOT a troll. I bought a Tesla because I'm too cheap to purchase gas. Some folks here bought a Tesla because they have money burning holes in their pocket. Other folks come here with future plans to purchase a Tesla, or because of the interest in the technology. It really does not matter who you are or why you are here.

I have had arguments with Brian, and had my spelling corrected countless times. I'll probably get one tonight. I've actualy learned to spell a bit better because of it. He's pretty dammed detailed, witty and has an interesting perspective.

There are icons here. MM, Volker B, etc. (Hey, Brian! I got etc!). Brian H has been here for what seems like close to two years. He's actualy done a great service to this community.

In all that time, he's never claimed to be anything other than he is.

And that seperates him from a troll like Nick.

FYI, I don't see any of the "private" threads. They're just not visible at all.

@sancann, @Jbherman, @Brian,

For private threads, as sancann described, perhaps if you use your cell phone, you can see the titles even if you are not registered users but only registered users can edit/post comments. However, if you use a Mac (I am not sure if PC does the same), if you are not a registered user, like Brian says, the private threads are completely absent and you cannot even see the titles.

I bought the perfect car.

+1 Klaus

I am so pleased with my car. I haven't had a single problem with fit, finish, range, or driving experience (except, maybe, climate control). Rather, it has exceeded my expectations and is on par (if not superior to) luxury ICEs I've had in the past (MB, Audi, and BMW). Everybody leaves my car with a smile on their face and a "wow!" I can't say that about any car I've previously owned.

Yes, this is a public forum. As such, everyone with an interest in Tesla should have the opportunity to express his opinion here.

For me, there is a simple fix to preserving the value of the forum. One of the devaluing aspects of the forum is that it is difficult to assess the credibility of contributors. How do I know, for example, that Brian H is neither a reservation holder nor an owner (without reading through his numerous postings)? However useful his contributions, it matters that his opinions are formed through research and analysis, rather than first-hand experience.

When Tesla officially posts in the forum, their posts bear the "T" symbol. I think the quality of discourse, and the utility of the forum, would be enhanced by having a similar designation for reservation holders and for owners.


Well said. My brother has the P85 and I have first hand about the car. Everybody has a opinion. If we didn't we would be brain wash to whatever

So glad you agree:

"When Tesla officially posts in the forum, their posts bear the "T" symbol. I think the quality of discourse, and the utility of the forum, would be enhanced by having a similar designation for reservation holders and for owners."

That's all we want Nick/not Nick. Then we can place your posts in the proper context (a guy who has allegedly ridden in a Canadian Model S a couple of times, yet espouses a great deal of first hand knowledge).

I, too, am getting frustrated with this forum. No thread can seem to stay on topic anymore, and it has spiraled down to a lot of childish name calling. I read it to get information, both good and bad about the car, so that, when I receive my car, I will be better informed and know what to keep an eye out for. I hate that I have to slog through the endless posts about whether or not someone is a troll...really? Aren't we all adults here? ...and before you say it, if we're not, that should then be more forgivable. Live and let live. I know that I am tempted to do as did. His posts had a sense of decorum that has seemed to evaporate since his leaving.

Defmonk, you apparently are new to the nnt world and the disruptive element that a troll like him can be on a forum. I tried to be nice to him and give him the benefit of the doubt. Others were smarter than me, saw right through him.

The reason this is important is that he posts everywhere, all the time, dropping turds in what should be a positive learning environment. I am no TM fanboi, and often discuss problems and issues with the car and TM, but I own a Model S and have skin in the game. nnt constantly bashes the car and tries to gain legitimacy with claims of all kinds of TM connections that are now proven false, so he is no longer a legitimate participant here.

It wouldn't be so bad except that he regularly lies in ways that we can verify. We ultimately called him out on the private side, available only to reservation holders, and he could not respond - Absolute proof that he is a troll. New people may not know that, and therefore engage with him as though he is "real." In order to protect the forum's basic validity, nnt must be constantly identified as what he is, a liar. It is akin to watching a known pedophile approach a kid. Time to intervene.

Some consider that any response to a troll is feeding him. That's a valid view, but it works with a rationally thinking disrupter. nnt is not rational and apparently has a Tesla fixation, so I doubt he will evaporate, although he may change his identity. We must remain vigilant.

I find the forums very helpful. Perhaps it losses some Value for folks who have already received their car but for folks like me who are waiting for the car, these forums are great. I do have to master the art of skipping useless stuff from otherwise useful content.

Jbunn +1

Pd, you have not been with us long enough to understand the importance of BrianH. Also, you do not take criticism well.

@Pungoteague_Dave: I don't disagree with you in principle. I just think a badging would disempower any "trolling," because we could easily see in any thread who "has skin in the game" and who does not. Not a radical idea - other forums, like HuffPo and TMC, use that system.

The thing that puzzles me is why anyone on the forums respond to any of those trolling posts. Page after page of feeding the troll. Just ignore it. However tempting it might be to jump in, just take a deep breath and move on.

I'm sure TM will fix things when they can. They must have good reasons why they haven't added a lot of the forum features we've asked for - it is very obvious from other posts that they do (eventually) read the threads that we post. I'm sure they'll come eventually.

Can I humbly suggest everyone take a chill pill, remember why we are here - camaraderie, Q&A, sense of community, sharing our excitement, helping the noobs, being noobs!, hanging out - and get things back on an even keel.

Chill out everyone, and have a good time.

@nickjhowe +1

defmonk +1

nickjhowe +1, no more responses to trolls from me

Mel, what criticism has there been of anything I said? I have been nothing but a positive contributor here, documented procedures, reported on new finding, etc. And I actually have a car... and how have a I responded negatively to anyone?

I am a fan of Brian H, so have NO idea where you get that I don't value him. I did tease him a couple times, but when I pointed out that he has no car or reservation, that isn't putting him down or comparing him to the troll in any way. He can be a bit self-important and pedantic in ways that Voelker never would have. I just observed that IMHO it is a bit unusual for someone to spend so much time here (said something about getting a life) without having a stake.

Voelker is missed.

Pretty good advice at the link below on what to do about trolls. I spent too much time satisfying the troll's needs:

And Mel, I have been here for several years.


I totally agree with you but some people like name calling and calling other people troll. Very very very immature. Everybody has an opinion doesn't mean we have to argue with everybody. It's a free country and everybody has a right to speak their opinion. This is what makes this country great out constitution lets everybody have a voice. But some characters on here Think they are Dictators and own this site. Just relax and take a pill. Like Nick says enjoy.

Let's get to business and talk about the car answer and question not bashing people on here.

This thread does not have value. What a waste.


I totally agree with you

@ Pungoteague_Dave
+1 Let's all ignore the trolls, but warn the newcomers.

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