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I am very disappointed to have visited the Tesla website tonight with no mention of the three lives that were lost one year ago today. I hope to God there was some sort of remembrance that took place today at Tesla...maybe a moment of silence. Anyone know? Elon?

I cannot comment regarding if there were a moment of silence in remembrance ... but I can tell you that when I visited the Menlo Park store a few weeks ago, the memory was still very real and present among employees there. They are not forgotten.

And the Roadster that I picked up has a memorial screen with their names. They're with me (and other Roadster owners) on every mile on the road ...

I haven't been into the Tesla long enough to know about these people. If not too painful would someoone tell me about them.



Three valued Tesla employees died in a private plane crash just over a year ago. As I mentioned above, their memory is still very much alive - and my Roadster has a 'In Memoriam' screen on the display, with their three names.

Wired magazine article to read fully:


Odd, I thought I posted a message here. Google the names, there are a lot of hits about this plane crash, first few point here in different locations. Some of the hits bring up a bit uglier aftermath of the incident. Too ugly for discussion here.

Thanks for the information everyone. My condolences to all.

On the previous forum layout, Elon had dedicated the Management forum lead post to them for several months afterwards. Don't know if it's still linkable or not.

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