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I see people mention east side, but I think for the Seattle area they mean Bellevue. I want to see how many Tesla owners and reservation holders are in Eastern Washington. That is, east of Snoqualmie pass.

I know there are at least two Roadster owners in the Spokane area (one of them being Daniel). I'm still hoping to get my Model S next year (depending on finances).

How many more are there of us? One of my reasons for wanting to know is the viability of charging infrastructure between Spokane and Seattle or Spokane and Portland. Thanks to Tom Saxton we have a level II charging station (70A) in Ellensburg. However, what are the chances of at least one level III station between Spokane and Seattle and another between Spokane and Portland?

Thanks for any input.

It's really weird--the blink network ( and chargepoint ( both show NO charging stations in Spokane! What's up with that? As you mentioned, there everywhere else (except Spokane and Walla Walla). Are there really no stations in Spokane?

(I'm on the wet side in Woodinville)

I'm in Walla Walla. I'm hoping for a supercharger that can serve Spokane and Walla Walla at or around the split.


I think that the Davenport Hotel has a NEMA 14-50, but I'm not sure of that. There is a level I charger at the Spokane City Hall and another at Avista (power company). There are two Nissan dealers in Spokane with level II chargers (30A I believe), but I don't know if any are available to the general public.

By your handle I assumed you were in Walla Walla. Walla Walla and Spokane wouldn't do me any good for a supercharger, but would be valuable for those passing through. For me, Ellensburg and the near the junction of 395 and I-84 would be good. That is, a link to Seattle and a link to Portland.

Ellensberg right at the junction is what I meant. It would serve pretty much all of Eastern Washington at that location.

There are six (yes six!) stalls at Panda Garden and 1 at CWU as well in Ellensburg. Not rapid chargers, but chargers nonetheless.

This is Bob Brost. I live in Spokane and am a reservation holder #7299. I too am frustrated at the lack of any charging stations in the eastern HALF of the state.

Don't forget campgrounds. Many have a NEMA 14-50 (240V, 50A) service. I will probably cost something, but they are available.

True. I may have to do that through Washington parts of any long distance trips. Of course, then you have to be satisfied with traveling ~250 (or less unless an RV park isn't available at that distance) miles in a day.
P.S., Do you have a delivery date range yet?

David70: Only the Nov/Dec estimate. I will need to take delivery between Christmas and New Years because that will be the only time Ill be in the state.

A wind powered supercharger in Vantage would make a lot of sense.

Oliver, I guess my last post didn't take.

Yes. Vantage would be a good location, both in terms of wind turbines along the Columbia gorge, and in being a little closer to half-way between Seattle and Spokane.

I was looking at Eastern WA routes and it looks like Vantage is the best location for a trip to Spokane based on miles and elevation. I used this tool and picked out the Model S 85 and tried a few different stops and speed settings. Your mileage will vary based on driving style. There is an adjustment for that on this tool.

The one problem I found with it is that it does not compensate for bridges. It wants to assume you are going under water.

It seems that Ellensburg leaves you falling short on the leg from Ellensburg to Spokane. Making it to Moses Lake from Seattle doesn't look good.

I am trying to figure out a good way to get from Seattle to Boise with just one stop. Its tricky. Any ideas?

I agree that Vantage is probably the best location. You only have one real climb leaving Vantage. The rest of the hills between there and Spokane are relatively mild. The last few miles into Spokane are downhill.

I'd be hard pressed to find a route that would only require one charging station between Seattle and Boise though.

Walla2, would a route through Walla Walla be easier? 268 miles from Seattle to Walla Walla and ~260 miles from Walla Walla to Boise. With the hills/mountains you'd be hard pressed to make those without very careful traveling.

According to the Recargo app there are 6 NEMA14-50s at the wild Zhorse Wind Farm on Vantage road. There are a couple of posts from Roadster owners, but latest was in 2011 do don't know for sure that they are still there. But there is a mall museum and picnic area there to occupy your time.

Honoring for my Model S Sig delivery this week! Res#279, Vin 349, window 9/29-10/13!


So close!


Recargo app? Would that be available for use on the Model S?
We don't use iphones or androids.

You can locate charging stations on the web, using the browser in the Model S, at

Also, and

I can't get maps to load on recargo, chargepoint or blinknetwork.

I have been having problems like that ever since I upgraded to IE9. The problem is worse with Firefox. I wonder what's up. It looks like all my add ons are intact.

I don't want an iphone or android because I don't like walled gardens or filter bubbles. I dislike being tracked because I find targeting and tracking just limits my access, options and my ability to find things. I miss the access we had when the internet was wide open.

Enough of that tangent. Back to figuring out Boise.

One stop to Boise might work in hermiston Oregon. That location would also be a stop point from Portland to Boise. Lots of wind power around there too.

Still lobbying for Ellensburg over Vantage. Vantage is very close to Spokane and the pass is the real challenge in terms of the battery depletion.


Good points. More to do in Ellensburg as well. Although I love the Mustang sculpture and the fossilized forest in Vantage as well!

Walla2 and Epley, Hermiston (or near there) would also be a good point between Spokane and Portland.

Seattle to Portland will have I-5 chargers.

Ideally, that Hermiston and Boise would have interstate chargers as well that would connect the rest of Washington to Idaho, Portland, and the I-5 chargers that can take you to the rest of Oregon and California.

Boise and Twin Falls would get you all the way to Salt Lake City.

That's 3 charges to Salt Lake from any of our locations. Easy.

The supercharger map has nothing for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, more--huge gap across the north...

The long term map for superchargers looks like it has good coverage for I-90 and I-94 with the glaring exception of Seattle to Spokane. Looks like there is 1 near Spokane, but the disk indicating locations in range falls well short of Seattle.

Teoatawki: where is the long term map?

Vantage was always our rest stop when carpooling from the wet side to WSU.

I just remembered that Wanapum State Park is along the Columbia River just a couple miles south of Vantage. It's a beautiful park.

I know that they have campsites but I don't know if they have power. I think they closed in the winter though. I have only been to the car area there.

Charlene and I live north of Wenatchee and hold reservation 8499 for a Model S. Anyone else in the north central Washington area?

Drove our Model S Sig (#1089)from Seattle to Yakima and back. Had 77 miles predictied range left when we got to Yakima and 68 when we got back to Seattle. We were not driving economically either. Drove at speed limit or a bit above with climate control and seat heat on (and it was raining).

I think Ellensburg is to close considering a trip to Spokane. Vantage would be a perfect location.


Agreed Although George would probably work too.

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