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We are in the process of forming a Tesla Motors enthusiasts club for full or part-time Florida residents. This will be an independent club not officially affiliated with or sanctioned by Tesla Motors, Inc. Currently the active members live in Sarasota or the Tampa area, so initial meetings will be in Sarasota. This is subject to change depending on the location of the majority of members. Although starting out as a Southwest Florida club, we are considering forming a Florida club with local chapters. If interested please email me at I will forward a survey to you to collect information from potential members to aid in determining the desired scope, activities and objectives of the club.



I am a signature reservation holder from south Florida , I wonder how many others in the area?

I,m a sig reservation holder just south of Miami ... & Charged_Up


We have just started forming a club. 8 club members and their spouses are from the the Tampa/Sarasota/Ft. Myers area. There is also a couple from the Orlando area, a member from the Pennsacola area, and two more members from the East coast (Boca Raton).

Some of us are planning on attending the morning Tesla event this Satuday, January 28 at the Dania Beach store at 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. After the event we will be meeting over at Islamorada Fish Company at 11:00 AM for more Tesla talk, drinks and lunch.

If you are interested in the club please send me an email at and I'll send you a survey.

Regardless of whether you are interested in joining the Tesla club, you are still invited to join us at the restaurant to get acquainted.

I hope you can make it.

Larry Chanin

I did get your email and responded

Sanibel - sig 998

Hi all - I'm another Boca Raton Model S res holder.

Hi Nick,


We've got a couple of club members from Boca Raton. If you are interested, please email me at and I'll send you a survey to complete.


I am still undecided on the roof. If I lived in the state of Washington or Massachusetts I would go for the glass. However I like you , live in Florida and concerned about the heat and the possibility of sunburn. Does anyone else have these concerns? Should I just suck it up and go for the best looking roof. If not I am leaning toward the black roof it looks ok with the red..

Mel, I'll let you know as soon as my S is delivered this summer. ;)

Hi Mel,

We had concerns regarding the panoramic roof and voiced them. Tesla listened and now they indicated that manual sunshades have been incorporated as part of the roof option. I now plan on getting the panoramic roof option.


Hi All,

For those interested, we now have 24 households that are members of the Florida Tesla Motors Club.

Those interested in joining us please email me at


Klaus and Larry, Thanks for the input, tesla will hopefully be delivering our cars in a few months. Thanks again

S#3820 from Weston.

Jupiter reservation holder

Sig 957 .... Davie, FL

StevenR and tesla S1, if you get a chance, plant your flags over on the map on tesla motors club, and congratulations

Hi folks,

As I mentioned in the first posting on this thread, we have organized a Florida Tesla Motors Club, and you are welcome to join. To date we have 42 households that have joined.

We are also planning a club meet-up at Dania Beach near the Tesla test drive event. This link provides some information.

Florida Tesla Club Meet-up Planned for Saturday, July 28th in Dania Beach

If you are interested in the club, please contact me at


With regard to my previous posting, please scroll to posting #3.


Taking delivery in a few months but live in North Florida. Any members up this way?

Taking delivery in a few months but live in North Florida. Any members up this way?



We have some club members up North in the Jacksonville area and in Shalimar.

We now have 56 households across the state who are members. A coulpe of our members who had a Founders Series reservation received delivery over a week ago. Things are starting to get interesting. ;-)

If you are interested in joining please email me at



We are in Longwood (just north of Orlando) and have #5032 S reservation. We get to the Boca, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami area pretty often and would enjoy meeting other owners and participating in get-togethers around the State. We're supposed to take delivery in late 2012 and are just in the process of designing the car. I would enjoy hearing from any other owners who may have already taken delivery on their experience with the roof option and whether the glass roof is causing problems. Also, as long as I have your attention, has anyone actually put in a solar system for charging?
Thanks, Bill

Larry: Thanks for organizing this, and please add us to the mailing list.

Thanks Bill,

I sent you an email.

We have a number of club members that have photovoltaic arrays. Most of them are more active on the Tesla Motors Club forum (TMC).


Hi Larry -

Sent you an e-mail. #2897 from Boca Raton. Thanks!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks, I got it.


I just finalized my design and expect my Model S this Spring. I had reservation #5540. I installed 7.92kW solar panel system on my house in Orlando this past year as well which handles most of my house's energy load. So, if anyone has questions about solar, I would be happy to help.


Hi Jeremy,


We now have over 85 households in our club, with quite a number in the Orlando area and surrounding region. If you are interested in joining, please contact me directly at


Live in Naples, FL. Res #15,103. Any ideas when I could expect delivery?


"Live in Naples, FL. Res #15,103. Any ideas when I could expect delivery?"

Welcome to the forums.
My guess is that you will receive delivery in April.


Just received my invite to configure my Model S and excited by that but STILL DISAPPOINTED that the front center console is basically a track in the floor board with a two cup holders and small compartment at the elbow. Why not add a raised console to keep loose change for tolls, parking etc or a larger lockable compartment? Imagine reaching down to the floor for a quarter a blasting the toll both.
Let's get a console that is usable.
Fred in Miami

Hi Fred,

Welcome to the forum.

Perhaps this thread may interest you.


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