Forum design quirks?

Using Firefox:

Is there a way to search these forums?

Why can one post a topic from the "General" forum, but not the "Tesla S" forum?

- Mike


use google to search this site. Just specify your key words followed by "".
Posting should be possible in all forums after logging in. No browser specific problems have been reported yet.

hello! I have an idea to increase the autonomy of an electric car would be interested?

Look up the term "perpetual motion" and see if your idea qualifies. If it doesn't, then yeah, we're interested in hearing about it. Just make your own thread; don't hijack someone else's.

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AFAIK, you should PRECEDE your search terms with

It doesn't matter where you put the "site:...". It just does restrict the search in that particular website. It works even if it is middle of the sentence, as long as you don't put it inside quotes.

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