Great car, Love it, just some innate flaws...

We have recently taken delivery of our new S. Of course the car is fantastic and I know that the company is basically a small start-up company. We have found some basic flaws that should be addressed. 1. The headliner above the rear small triangular window is raw, unfinished and should have a trim piece. A little bit of age and this will be a big problem. 2. The sun visors, vanity mirrors are a joke. Both should be 60 to 80% larger and the mirror should be lighted. I plan to take one off of the car, go to a salvage yard and see if I can find a Mercedes or other car with similar mounting and clips that might work until Tesla provides better visors. Has anyone done this yet? 3. Floor mats, well, this has already been discussed. 4. Interior storage, likewise has been discussed and Tesla says they are working on some solutions. 5. Can they put the charging station finder apps in the app section? 6. Why aren't the high power wall chargers delivered with the car and if they are behind in production of these pieces, shouldn't they be paying for the shipping? 7. Colorado has a front license plate law. Would love to have the plate mountable inside the nose piece so it doesn't look like an add on. Also think that the black nose looks like an afterthought (our car is white). Can I purchase one of these to try to make these changes? 8. The armrests seem to be too tall and too far back which makes the cup holders useless. And why couldn't they put some storage in that tower? Love the car, ride, handling, overall styling. Got the 19" rims, looks way better than the big ones and is much less likely to damage or destroy the wheels on our pot holes and curbs. The 21" wheels must be for 21 year olds that don't have any experience driving. JMHO. Thanks, Rubber side down. RNG

I don't like any of the color choices...
I hate hatch backs...
Styling doesn't impress me at all...
I can only drive about 200 miles w/o recharging, that sucks...
The dashboard glare in the windshield irritates me...
And so on...

BEFORE I put my deposit down I made the decision that I will accept it and not complain about it ever.

It is a sports sedan... Not a sedan like S class, not a SUV, or whatever you want to compare it to.

Tesla did a fantastic job with their first offering. But one model can not be everything to everbody.

Is it perfect - hell no, but close to it.... Is it exciting - YES ! An adventure - YES !

Absolutely love the clean interior ( please TM never ever force a useless center console on us... make it an option ), love the low noise outside and inside, and so on... You have to make your choices.

No. Spoofing the "innate flaw" verbiage. Just add the requisite smilie: :D . There. All fixed.

Most of the gripes have been covered, yes. Doesn't hurt for a new owner to list their take on it. Wasn't aware of the unfinished interior comment and will check that area out tomorrow.

Have to say the mild flaming retorts on the guy are deserved after ending his post the way he did. Saying "JMHO" doesn't retract the insult he threw at everyone who has 21" or both 19" and 21" wheels. It just reduced the effectiveness of the rest of his post and made him look like a 20 year old ass. JMHO ;)

p.s. does the ;) retract the insult?

Gawd, talk about innate flaws - today I had the unpleasant experience of having to drive my BMW X5 to get it sold. It was the first time I had driven an ICE car since I got my Tesla about 3 weeks ago. It was AWFUL. It was noisy. Since the car had not been driven for a few weeks, it started quite sluggish until the oil started flowing better. I had to use the brakes all the time. The acceleration was jerky no matter how I tried to drive it. The gear progression was annoying. The iDrive interface is the clunkiest thing ever invented and the "user interface" sucks big time. The tiny screen with mostly a large text interface reminded me of a small text CRT computer back in the 1980s. For some reason it never did pick up daylight savings time. I tried fiddling with the date/time settings but could not get it to show the correct time no matter what I did. Oh yeah, and when the guy buying it stepped in for the first time, he pressed the wrong button on the stick shift (it has TWO buttons on the stick), causing an error message to pop up which caused the rear view camera to not show. "It doesn't have a back up camera?" he asked. Well it does, but error messages override it - great design idea guys. Of course, the rear view camera, when it does come on, usually comes on after a second delay. And then it stays on for random intervals while driving forwards. These are probably just startup user interface bugs that could be corrected by a software update, but when I took the car into BMW service for its 12K service, they performed no software updates. Imagine that. I am really, really glad to be rid of that 2012 model car that cost me $65K new. And no, NONE of this is an exageration and there is tons more I could rag about that car. The Tesla, for all its "flaws" and "shortcomings" is head and shoulders above current model ICEs. And that's why people get POed here when newbies trash the Tesla. 'cause we know other cars are much, much worse.

@shop +1 . Today I had to drive our E320... I can only second everything you said.

Replacement sun visors have been promised since the first Signature cars began shipping. They have been promised to include lighted sun visors. This is item #32 on the Punch List.

Not long ago I double checked with my rep by email and was assured sun visor replacements for everyone were still in the works. No one knows when they will roll out, however. Could be many, many months yet.

Hopefully Tesla will not go back on this promise. We can only wait and see.

Correction to above post: lighted sun visors should read lighted mirrors on the<\i> sun visors.

My WAG: it's advanced to #27.

My DS says the replacement visors and lighted mirrors are a forum fantasy, never promised, and not coming. And that there is no wiring provision for them in any case.

Your comment about 21" wheel and people don't know driving is very strange. People who do serious driving will ALWAYS choose low profile tires.


I'll believe GeorgeB over a random DS. And this is in writing.

@ richardngordon
Most of us really appreciate your feedback, and even the TM website is warning us about using 21" trims beacuse they dont want to pay for damages caused by bad roads...
I think its a choice to make based on the roads you will run them on...

TS, 21" wheel is expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain. Not saying it's good for you but it serves a purpose for people who want the performance. Op says it's for people who don't know how to drive which can not be further from the truth. In case you don't know just go to the tracks and take a look at tires on those high performance cars that are meant to be driven fast.

Why not have the Tesla with wider tires? Then Porsche panermera Turbo has much bigger tires. The MS looks like it could take bigger ones and that would provide higher grip. Although they are not as efficient I dont believe that there will be a huge penalty in energy usage.

Richardngordon - Track Day at High Plains to see who knows how to drive?

Has anyone had their or know of anyone who has had their fingers caught in a retracting door handle? I was holding the rear door handle and accidentally pressed the key fob at just the wrong spot and the handles started to retract with my finger still between the handle and the body, fortunately i felt the pressure before it completely retracted...but it was close! Are the handles supposed to close regardless of any obstruction?

The handles are gentle. The engineers design devices with scenarios like yours in mind.

I've had them retract on my hand when I dawdled around after loading things in the back hatch. I just touched the handle again and it presented itself again.

You'll feel the pressure of a mild spring. No biggie at all.

advantages of 21"
- better looking to most people when new and not scratched.
- more grippy, more surface area, thus better handling.

disadvantages of 21"
- $3500 more to start
- Tires won't last nearly as long, perhaps not even 1/2 as long as 19". Since the 21" tires are more expensive, the tire costs over the life of the car would be many thousands higher than 19".
- Ride a little harsher
- Mileage a tiny bit lower (3 separate Tesla employees told me this)
- Wheels somewhat easier to scratch, more expense, or terrible appearnce when scratched.
- Tire easier to puncture going over potholes or bumps.
- no snow tires. Even more expense in the snow belt.

I just want to know, did anyone complain about the shortcomings of their last car on a public form for that car - or did they just think to themselves that is what you get with this car? IMHO!

The last comment about the 21" wheels being bad for driving pretty much undermines your credibility on the rest of the stuff. Which is a pity as some of your points are valid. I've now lived with my Model S for almost 3 months and I can agree about the annoying lack of interior storage issue. As far as I'm concerned the sun visors are fine and I hope the lighted ones end up being the same size. Perhaps you're sitting too far down? The license plate tumor on the front is unfortunate but pretty much the same for EVERY car maker out there. You want a way around it? Call your state rep and ask that the law be changed. Think of all the money we'll save only having one plate.

As far as your car not having a charging station app and your considering that to be an "innate flaw..." well, stick around, newbie, Tesla's just getting started with the features on that big fancy screen. In the mean time, learn to use a smart phone. There are several great apps for finding charging points and even a few that will help you look up tricky words like "innate."

After reading this thread I used the visors last night and today and found them to be totally fine. I don't care about the lighted mirror since no one including me wants to see my ugly mug. The visors are tiny seemingly because of the slope and height of the windshield.

The visors work fine for me, but then I sit ramrod straight up and adjust the seat as high as I can go without banging my head on the ceiling. I would imagine people who like to recline their seats would have more trouble.

@Hills, I have years personal experiences with low profile tires. Everything (add higher risk of bent wheels)you said about them is true . However all the disadvantages can be summarized with only one word "cost". That's why you only see them on high end performance cars but not Civic's or Corolla's other than on few of those ricers/posers. Does MS deserve one? I think so at least for the performance model. The same justification for buying the $100K car can be applied to the 21" wheel. It is "only" about money.

Agree with what you wrote.
For me, it is 70% about cost, 30% about risk of blown tire. Our roads are are really bad. I suppose you can call flat tire "cost" as well, but I just don't want to be bothered with the risk.

If we had better roads, and if there were actual spare, then it would be tough choice for me.

It was interesting that the Tesla head of Chasis Design told me he would choose 19". The primary test driver told me he would choose 19" (after waxing philosophic about how good the 21" is).

But, there is no right or wrong answer.

Two comments to the origional poster. The windshield is at such a low angle, the smaller visors are more than sufficient. As you drive more, see if it's really the problem you expect. Would say a passenger vanity light would be good, and Tesla has gone back and forth on that issue.

Secondly, we would all love a recessed license plate in the nose cone. Three issues.

Some states do not requrie a front plate, some do, and you can put on a cover, and some states require no cover whatsoever on the plate. We were reall hoping for a recess with a snap in lexan cover to make the plate aerodynamic.

Secondly, if we could get a recess with a nice lexan cover, it's the high point on the nose cone, which is actualy the car's bumper. First to the scene of the accident, and you'll be replacing the lexan cover frequently.

Finaly, and most importantly, the fatal issue is the nosecone is not high enough to fit a standard US license plate. Wish it was, but the nose is just not large enough. So the factor bracket puts the top of the plate at the bottom of the "T" and it hangs below the nose by a good two inches.

@mwojcie: you wrote: "I just want to know, did anyone complain about the shortcomings of their last car on a public form for that car - or did they just think to themselves that is what you get with this car? IMHO!"

Point well taken. But not often does one buy car that seriously is trying to be THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD.

Tesla wants to be judged against the best. They want to show that an electric car is just plain better. So they are holding themselves up for criticism.

Beside, the OP is doing Elon a favor. Elon says that honest negative feedback is a great value and thing one should appreciate.

yea dude, the 19" wheels look WAY better... yea. there's a prius waiting for you in the lot. calling mr. prius.

I found the center console space to be one of the BEST features of the Model S, great space for my purse. I guess you have to be a woman to appreciate that. Neither sun visors nor floor mats bothered me either. So there. There is no way ONE car can be everything to everybody.

I also like the purse space. It's much more convenient than sticking my bag behind the seat when there's a passenger in the front seat. Guys, point this out to your female passengers; they will appreciate the extra leg room of not having their bags crammed in with their feet.

On the other hand, I would kind of like a lighted vanity mirror. But Elon Musk signed the back of my current mirror when I got my MS on Wednesday, so I'm not sure I would actually replace it given the chance.

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