Great car, Love it, just some innate flaws...

We have recently taken delivery of our new S. Of course the car is fantastic and I know that the company is basically a small start-up company. We have found some basic flaws that should be addressed. 1. The headliner above the rear small triangular window is raw, unfinished and should have a trim piece. A little bit of age and this will be a big problem. 2. The sun visors, vanity mirrors are a joke. Both should be 60 to 80% larger and the mirror should be lighted. I plan to take one off of the car, go to a salvage yard and see if I can find a Mercedes or other car with similar mounting and clips that might work until Tesla provides better visors. Has anyone done this yet? 3. Floor mats, well, this has already been discussed. 4. Interior storage, likewise has been discussed and Tesla says they are working on some solutions. 5. Can they put the charging station finder apps in the app section? 6. Why aren't the high power wall chargers delivered with the car and if they are behind in production of these pieces, shouldn't they be paying for the shipping? 7. Colorado has a front license plate law. Would love to have the plate mountable inside the nose piece so it doesn't look like an add on. Also think that the black nose looks like an afterthought (our car is white). Can I purchase one of these to try to make these changes? 8. The armrests seem to be too tall and too far back which makes the cup holders useless. And why couldn't they put some storage in that tower? Love the car, ride, handling, overall styling. Got the 19" rims, looks way better than the big ones and is much less likely to damage or destroy the wheels on our pot holes and curbs. The 21" wheels must be for 21 year olds that don't have any experience driving. JMHO. Thanks, Rubber side down. RNG

IMO the headliner problem is real. I got my car (85kwh) in December and quickly noticed that the entire headliner edge above the windshield is a raw fabric cut, without any binding. The fabric strands are just butting against the windshield. In my car, the roof insulation even protrudes in some places, which is pretty unsightly. Looking at other Model S in the shop it seems they all have this problem although some are less pronounced. I think this will degrade over time, fabric will start fraying, and is not up to standard for a $100k car. I have been trying to get this addressed for over 2 months now, but can't get an answer from California. The local service center (Seattle) is now offering to take it to a local aftermarket upholstery shop to get it fixed. Not 100% sure I want to do that yet, as I would prefer a factory fix. Anybody else noticed this? Please no flaming - I love my car. :)

What type of headliner do you get?

I have the standard cream/white "woven" fabric headliner. However I looked at some Sigs in the shop with the suede headliner and it's also a raw cut above the windshield. Suede probably won't fray as much though.

Btw just checked my car again and agree with richardngordon it's the same issue above the triangular windows in the back - just raw fabric cuts.

Not that I necessarily want to align myself with the OP on the 19"s versus 21"s issue - given his lack of tact in raising the matter - but I will add this:

(1) I, too, think that the 19"s are more aesthetically pleasing (but I usually prefer that general style of wheel - i.e. fewer spokes - and the look of meatier tires). Just beheld a blue MS today (and sat in it, too, upon chatting up its owner) which had the 19"s and was freakin' GORGEOUS.

(2) More importnantly, citing the experts at C&D (, it does indeed seem that the 19"s are a smarter buy given that a car shod with them should perform better than one with the 21"s. Lighter weight and rotational mass yield quicker acceleration and greater fuel economy (the latter of which might translate to greater range in the MS, no?). Plus, the ride will be more compliant, and the tires cheaper, too.

So those of you (or the one of you) who say(s) the MS has superior performance with the 21"s... I dunno. (If so, it'd be due to the stock 19" tires being all-seasons - i.e. lame - than to anything else.)

Goddamn infuriating "smart" phone inputting had me submit "importnantly."

One it's learned an 'error', it will force it on you every time. You'll have to ditch the phone and start over. >;(

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