Have you seen an S on the road today?

My wife and I, waiting for our S, play a silly game: "Seen a S today on the road?" Then we look at where we saw them. So far I have the record: just 2 in a day so far. All but one were in the mid-peninsula area. One black one seen entering I85 in Cupertino. Somehow it is satisfying to me to see them showing up. None seen so far appear to be demos: no copilot. Res number P7214 with Feb-Mar est delivery.

Spotted one late this afternoon while jogging on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, CA. White, black roof, black performance 21" wheels. So exciting! Finally something other than Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. Will be driving mine along the same route in Jan. or Feb.-can't wait!!

@TikiMan, very cool!

My husband saw a white Tesla in our neighborhood yesterday! Santa Cruz.

I have seen four in one week. One black one and the three white ones I wrote about here.

I saw one in north Raleigh on Friday. Black with jump seats. Looks great.

Saw TWO on Saturday, white and a brown one. Danville/Alamo (East Bay,CA)

i heard my first tesla commercial on sirius xm radio today.going out west for the winter in a couple of weeks. cant wait to get to one of the stores.

AFAIK, the only car with jump seats is Elon's, so far!

Today's count:

1 silver on Alpine Road
1 black near Sandhill Rd and Santa Cruz Ave Menlo Park

Might be one more on Alpine, but I am just guessing from the headlight pattern.

One more coming soon to close encounters of the MS kind. We be ready for it!

Saw my first S in the wild yesterday, a red with 21 wheels, coming off the central San Rafael exit onto 3rd. As I rolled by looking appreciatively, I had to repress the urge to roll down the window and yell out "Hey, I'm 11,391!"

It looked much more muscular and taut out in the wild than at the Tesla store, very easy to differentiate from the Jaguar XF, which is what I think looks most like the S. Also it looked huge, much bigger than I was expecting.

Kind of surprised it took this long, especially here in Marin county. My wife was saying "Why are we buying such an unpopular car?" LOL.

I work at a school and found out that there are about 3 parents who have a Model S, with mine, that is 4 in just my small ecosystem.

One white, one black within three blocks of each other headed out of town on Santa Cruz Ave around 3:30PM today. Damn, the MS is gorgeous!
A few more days and.... or so they say. Will like seeing the white one in my garage!

I was on roll last week with MS sighting in West LA. Ever day day I saw one-- Gray, silver, black, red, red and white. The white one I saw on the Santa Monica Frwy had silver wheels. Nice, but I'm glad I got the dark rims.
At VIN133 I was one of the "first on the block" to have one, which was kinda cool, I guess, but I have to say I am delighted to see more and more of them. Each one I see, I think about Telsa Motors making it over the hump to be a successful company and important game changer.
Go Tesla. Go Electric!

Saw my first ever Model S out in the wild on my way to work this morning. Beautiful white parked in Dunedin Florida. I'm taking that as a really good omen that today is the day I get my VIN and a delivery date.

Saw it still parked on way to lunch, and coming back from lunch, and driving home at end of day. Now you're just rubbing it in, Please hide that thing, lol.

Saw 3 on 280 today. Blue Performance, One Sig Red, and A Brown one which looked pretty good.

I saw a red one Monday midnight. It was at about one thousand feet over the Minnesota/Canadain border. It was loaded with packages and being guided by eight reindeer.

I saw a black driving out of my neighborhood when going home from a trip to a store. I am now wondering if I won't be the first owner in my neighborhood when I get mine delivered. I am in Louisville, CO.

Sightings after smoking funny cigarettes don't count.

Saw my first Model S in the wild today in Orlando, FL. Actually, I saw the same Sig twice...about 6 hours apart! We passed each other around 11 am and then again, going in the opposite direction, around 5 pm (John Young Parkway - you know who you are :-)


How did you know it was a performance? Might have been me... I have a blue performance. It is so much fun to drive. I will make any excuse to go somewhere.

Saw two. Black one parked on Westwood blvd in LA and another grey one near Calabasas, which was probably out on a test drive, because the plates looked like manufacturer plates.

Black Model S in Fresno, Ca. on Shaw Avenue. No time for pic, but did give the driver a thumbs up.

Finally (!!) saw my first S (white) on the road today - in snowy Boulder, CO.

RU sure it wasn't a snowy blue??

Keep your eyes open for this X-country tourer:

Another MD car! Plate "KWH2MPH".

Above going Portland to MD via Calif. Just now made it to AZ.

I'm GOING to see one sunday at 3pm....when I pick mine up at the factory. I'm so excited.

May see you there. Scheduled for 1pm. Look for some older folks whose feet havent touched the ground since we got the call!

reitmanr, take a deep breathe! Meditate! Not long now.

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