High power charger on back order

Have been waiting anxiously for months for my car to arrive only to find out that the twin charger I ordered is on back order. That's fine but Teslas solution is for me to get a nema 650 installed in the meantime. I'm o.k. With that but they only offer a $200 credit. Not nearly enough to cover the expense of that. Very unfair.

Is it your HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) or the 2nd charger that is on back-order?

My car came with the 2nd charger installed (though I haven't tested it yet) - but was back ordered on the HPWC (like everyone else).

When the electrician installed the new charging circuit, he installed a 14-50 outlet, which I've been using to charge the car (usually 20-30 miles per hour). The 14-50 adapter came with the car, and should also allow me to charge the car at an RV park, if/when I try to take the car on a long trip before the superchargers are available.

When I get the HPWC, the electrician will come back out and install it on the same circuit.

We're planning to keep the 14-50 outlet, in addition to the HPWC, as a fallback, should I ever have problems with the HPWC.

Not sure why Tesla recommended a 6-50 adapter in your case, the Tesla website's charging page recommends 14-50.

6-50 has the right combo of wires; hot, hot and ground. (This is exactly what the HPWC needs and nothing more.) The NEMA 14-50 plug has an extra (neutral) conductor but could still be used... the issue is the (minor) extra cost associated with the spare wire, hence Tesla's suggestion.

The $200 they offered you is very fair. My electrician pulled the three write for the 6-50 and says he will only charge $150 to swap on the HPWC when it arrives, should take less than an hour. TM says they will pay the $200 after they deliver the HPWC. They would not credit for this at delivery of the car, although I tried.

Sorry, three-wire

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