I pulled the trigger!

Thanks to everyone who so kindly answered all of my questions over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I reserved a red Model S (std perf) w/ pano roof, black leather w/ obeche gloss, 19" wheels, air susp, tech pkg, sound pkg, and twin chargers. Final configured price is just over $93k w/ doc fees. I am pre-approved w/ Alliant for $80,000 loan amount at 1.74%. My only regret is that I really wanted the Performance model, but that would mean another $12,000 cash outlay which I can't justify for a 1 second faster 0-60 time. I keep reminding myself that even the standard performance is going to be a monster compared to what I'm used to with my Prius Touring.

One side note that I haven't shared with anyone... On a whim and not expecting any success at all, I took a shot at sending an email to Elon Musk (I guessed logically at his email address) asking a few questions about the vehicle. I received a reply once from Steve Jobs about an old PowerMac that died, so I thought I'd go for 2 out of 2! Well, guess what? HE REPLIED! Receiving an email response from the CEO addressing my questions about the car sealed the deal for me!

I asked Mr. Musk specifically about the pano roof creaks, the AM/FM reception as well as reports that there was higher road noise inside the vehicle due to use of non-laminated glass. This is how Mr. Musk responded: "We have improved pano roof creaks, AM/FM reception and road noise quite a bit in recent months and are providing those fixes to our service team for retrofit in earlier production cars. The Model S is very quiet if the side glass is properly pressed into the seal, but can otherwise sound a bit noisy at high speed due to wind suction pulling the glass away from the seal. This is an easy fix."

Everything that I've been concerned about has been addressed, and a personal email from the CEO secured my order. So far I have had a great experience and consider myself in a circle of new friends. Thank you! :)

Congratulations! You're gonna love the car and so will your clients. You are now the hippest realtor in Arizona!

You have the same spec as me, for the same reasons, except that I've got the european parking distance sensors - utterly necessary with our tight parking spaces. I suppose that you'll get yours long before me.

Congrats on your wise decision.

I am a Realtor in Seattle, 2 weeks from delivery! Congrats!

It's about time! Congratulations :) That's going to be one flashy car. Definitely an attention grabber.
It will be plenty fast!

Congrats and welcome to the club! I guess your realtor business from now on will grow as fast as you drive your MS.

@ bradslee - let's hope, I need to pay for this car! LOL


I'm guessing you will sell an additional 50% this year just because buyers will be enthralled by your Model S. and you'll sell at least ten Teslas.

@ SamoSam, at that rate I better get in line and reserve my Model X! LOL :) Thanks for the encouragement.

Congrats! Curious what color... either way.. you're going to LOVE this car.

Good job, realtor. Now, impress your potential clients! I am not a realtor, but I need to meet my clients for my consulting work, and they are always super impressed.

Congrats, you will LOVE the car. Elon is the best too.

FWIW, I got my MS in April and have not had any problems with pano noises or road noises (unless the windows or roof is open of course). Tesla has been attentive to issues that have come up and quickly worked to fix them. The Big 3 would just give attitude.

Also, Elon's response vis a vis the suction pulling windows thus increasing road noise makes sense to me. I posted earlier that my car seems to have become quieter after 3M tinting. 3M crystalline is thicker than regular films, thus sealing the glass better? Intriguing.

AmpedRealtor, like S-car-go says, it's about time. Congrats! It's an awesome vehicle. I have an earlier car sn 3xxx so I'll get those items fixed when the service station near me opens. Thanks for the info from Musk. So exciting!

Congratulations! I feel like a proud new uncle! Youll love it

Post some stories about your (prospective) clients' reactions. RedShift; you, too! Please!


I remember your first post like it was yesterday and look at you now . . . All Amped up.

It's a proud day for all of us in the forum when a prospy becomes a full-fledged member.

I'm a little ferklempt.

Congrats and continued success.

@AmpedRealtor. Congratulations! Welcome to the Tesla family!


Congrats and you will not be disappointed with the S85!!! We received ours on 6/8 and had the same debate for the Performance but did not want the Alcantra Leather and you could not configure regular leather with the Performance option so went with the S85. We also live in PHX and just precool with the app about 5-10 minutes before getting in and then you won't have the loud AC motor (also get some good tint installed). We also have not found any FM reception issues but only listened to it just to confirm it worked. We go with Slacker or XM. Enjoy!!

If you really want to speed up your delivery process, call the 800 # and ask them to finalize your design and skip the two weeks waiting period before sending your order to the factory.

That's how I got mine in 5 weeks.

I too jumped in and finalized my standard 85 last week. June 12th to be exact. I have my VIN, and the delivery window starts 6/28. Very quick! NEMA 14-50 was installed on Friday. Waiting patiently......not.

Congrats Wooly! that's a really quick turn around...2 weeks? They must be making cars in batches as I have seen multiple deliveries on 6/28. You'll love it! I had to wait a year and a half so you're very lucky.

Congrats to all of you guys that have decided to be part of the Tesla family. Have had mine since Feb. 21 of this year. Has turned out to be an unbelievable experience. I am sure you will all be amazed on how great this car is compared to the ICE age. Musk and Co. have done a great job coming out of the gate. Enjoy!!!!

Congratulations all--my order went final today--I already have a VIN (is that normal?) although the predicted delivery date is the end of July.


Congrats and welcome to the club!

May we know what is the last five digits of your VIN? Thanks.

Thanks--the last five digits are 14877

Mine is 14721

Trust me, you will not be disappointed with the standard performance. It is wicked fast, and the 0-30 mph acceleration is something amazing to experience. I rarely ever floor it in regular driving unless I'm showing off to friends.

I've had mine for 3 days and my average kw/m usage vary from 600 to 900. How can any driver resist the urge to floor it every chance you get?

It'll take a few more days before I resume "normal" driving mode.

If you're well within available range, who cares about the W/mi? Bargain fun!

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