ICE car blocking Supercharger

I visited the new Tesla Supercharger station on I-95 in Milford, CT the other day (southbound side). One of the two stations was occupied by a Honda Accord. I'm afraid this will become a fairly common occurrence, since these are premium spots near the convenience store/dining, even though the spots are clearly posted as for Tesla vehicles only. A couple came out and got in their car a few minutes later. I wanted to make a snappy comment guaranteed to shame this guy, but I was at a loss. Anyone have any ideas for rebukes that aren't likely to cause a fistfight?

Also people may not realize the spaces for EV cars are not PARKING spaces, they are CHARGING stations, so the equivalent would be for an EV car to block a gas station pump. It is not a parking space!


Spikes, or just irregularly spaced concrete bumps, poking up thru the pavement, which withdraw only when an attendant verifies an EV wants the spot and pushes a button, or the EV driver taps an access point with his charging charge card.

When you see this happen, in addition to informing the person in some friendly but educational way, would you snap a picture & perhaps post in on a location specific blog or forum? Be nice to keep a list of offenders. We could see if there are repeat offenders.

Park directly behind them (e.g. box them in). Put your flashers on. Stay in your car while you wait for them to return. When they return get out and walk toward the rest area building. They will ask you what you are doing and to please come back and move your car. Very nicely say that you will be back in just a minute - but you have to use the rest room and you don't want any other cars pulling into the electric charging spot. Nicely say, you will be right back. Go into the building and make them wait. They will get the gist of it.

Actually, I completely agree with some posters that charging spots should be in "less desirable" spots to (1) keep EV cars relatively safe from accidental or intentional scratches, and (2) help ensure ICE cars don't grab them for whatever reason. If I don't need a charge, then I most likely will park out along the perimeter anyway, just to keep the car safe from door dings and to get a little exercise walking into the place of interest.

Not sure how we can help make this happen; however, I do plan to at least talk to the owners of a few of the local parking lots I frequent when out and about town (malls, restaurants, etc.).

@TonyF, I"d be afraid that they may hit my car....

Or "I pulled in behind you to be next to charge, but now I can't move - my battery has run out! "

I love it!!

Only real solution is for Tesla to have the supercharging spots be in the less desirable parking locations. For one thing, we're gonna have a half hour or so to kill, so we've got time to walk an extra bit. For another, why create an unwinnable fight. People will park in handicapped spaces, they sure won't leave the spot open for those "rich people's cars." You don't spit into the wind

@hsadler - good one.

Actually I agree with all who say just place the chargers in a less desireable parking area since that is where we would likely park to protect our car from dings and scratches anyway. The question becomes: Is the electrical infrastructure sufficiently close such that it doesn't cost Tesla much more to run 440V lines an extra 200 yards or whatever? Ditto solar panels. As at the Milford rest area, solar panels were placed on the rain shelter roof of the gas pump area. If too far away, would Tesla still do that?

I had the same problem at the Long Beach aquarium this weekend...6 identified EV parking spots all with ICE vehicles in an older Ford F150!! I spoke with the garage manager who said he'd call security..but turns out the only repercussion is a courtesy warning note! I think as the EV community grows, this will get better. For years these premium slots have gone unused and some people have gotten used to parking in them. I think we just need to keep bringing it to the garage management's attention..eventually they'll realize there is new and growing demand, and start enforcing the rules.

A little off topic, but same frustration – What happens when a plug in (Prius) parks in an EV spot, does the motion to plug the car in – but doesn’t: 1) turn the charger on; and 2) didn’t plug it in all the way?

I watched a couple walk into the mall and thought to myself, darn – I just missed the charger and settled for the 110v. Then I realized their charger wasn’t on – I thought “Mother f***** - they parked there for the spot! Nah – they have the cable to the car and everything, maybe I’ll be nice and push the ON button for them… wait… why isn’t it turning on? It’s not plugged in all the way?! Mother f*****!”

Do you be “that guy” that unplugs another car to plug yours in? Or give them the benefit of the doubt that they simply don’t know how to use their car…?

I wish we would have "hypercharger" that extends two sharp poles in holes below BEV (one for positive and one for negative potential) conveniently placed where ICE car has gas tank. Use SpaceX falcon docking computers for placement.

If you have BEV you get charged fast, if you park your ICE there you get your gas tank broken.

If I paid for parking, only to find the EV spots ICE'd, I would at least ask for a refund on the cost of the parking. Perhaps a monetary incentive and hassle factor might get the parking management to pay more attention.

Hot Wheels used to call those the 'Jam' cars. Since Hot Wheels cars were electric, makes sense.

Harris Ranch has the same issue. One spot. Lots of folks park near the entrance.

What I've done is point out that I need to charge my car and they aren't using the spot. Most people are civil.

I also agree with putting spots where they aren't as likely to get ICE'd.

I am also in favor of photos with plates showing for "name and shame".

What if you get people that make it into a contest and see how many times they can get their picture taken on the "name and shame" website? lol. Some people just revel in being douches and having people react negatively gives them joy

I don't understand why towing is such an issue. Many businesses have signs that say "Parking for xyz company, you will be towed..." Heck, the Tesla service center in Seattle has on in their lot. Absolutley no excuse to park in a Supercharger spot. None.

This sign is located at the Delaware stop on I 95.

Sorry but the pic did not paste. How do you get a pic into this tread anyway?

Sign says:
Tesla Supercharging station,
No Parking Unauthorized vehicles will be
TOWED AWAY at owner’s expense

Heh. I read an article where a company booted an ambulance while the EMTs were inside working on a person who had a heart attack. They parked in a 'customers only or tow' spot.

So I am in the same place as wbrown01.

Re. Delaware Superchargers...

The "Towed Away at Owner's Expense" must be new. Maybe enough people complained about getting ICEd?

I took a picture on January 1 , and the signs read

Tesla Supercharging Station
No Parking ("P" with red circle and slash)
Except for Electric Vehicle Charging

Use img HTML, which requires a web-hosted URL for the pic.

While of corse Tesla super charger stations are nice, how many cars can charge there? 4? So now you're complaining about a guy who parks there for a few minutes. If those spots are used by Teslas they probably stay there longer. Also as it will take a while to top the car off they are probably not there waiting and doing something else. So they might not be around when the charging is finished but half an houre later or worse...

People also tend to drive to same destinations at the same times, so chances will be that if you need it, this will happen. To use Electric charging stations effective some kinda valet service will be needed and/or a lot more of them.

maybe municipal governments could recognize a new income stream by allowing photos of car and tag of illegally parked cars to be issued tickets in the same manner as redlight cameras, only have the pictures taken by smartphones and sent to special email address where they would be reviewed by traffic officers. I would love to see this in driveway blocking, double parking, idiot parking, handicapped parking, as well as ev parking. Or maybe i just need my car to arrive so i will get away from this forum.

Anyone still on these forums still needs his/her car to arrive. :)

2 of the 4 spots at the Delaware house were ICEd today when I stopped.

Park behind them and block them in.

It might make sense to install a barrier to get into the charging bay. The barrier would automatically open when you get close to it - ideally for Tesla cars ONLY but even if it opened for everyone it would add a level of hesitation for ICE drivers. I don't think many would proceed with parking their car in that spot.

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