iOS7 doesn't play well with Media app?

I got my car near end of May (transformative! life changing! Love my car so much I got vanity plate that says TESLUV), but I just noticed that I can no longer control my iPhone (pause, fast forward, etc.) when playing music from the iPhone(4S). The music still plays fine through the Media app, just the iPhone controls seem to be no longer functional. I recently upgraded to iOS7, could this be it? Has anyone else noticed this? Thx.

iOSx does not play well with others. It's designed that way.

I also noticed this after upgrading to iOS7... however, it has somehow resolved itself. I'm not sure what I did to fix it. Perhaps try rebooting the phone? All I know is that it now works like it used to.

Same experience exactly...just started to behave!

I've had the problem semi-regularly. Reboot the phone, that seems to help.

Possibly a silent TM OTA tweak.

Thanks to all; I rebooted the phone, and indeed the problem went away.

My worse mistake has been update to IOS 7

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