Just came across this Tesla commercial on YouTube... didn't know there was any

Thought I'd share in case it might interest you. I think it's pretty good: gently and discrete, yet compelling and thought-provoking enough. Enjoy!

Tesla Model S: "Gallons of Light" Commercial

It was fan-made. And excellent.

Got this quote from the website

"When it came to the issue of financing the commercial, it wasn't a matter of if but how we would complete the project with our limited resources (remember, Tesla was not paying us to do this)..."

Cool commercial, hope it reaches folks that need enlightening!

I had no idea it was unofficial. You know a product is good when enthusiasts are chipping in together and making ad spots.

I'm still maybe a year or two away from owning one, but I've just upped the stock in my 401k in the company. As a shareholder, I've got to thank these people!

If you waited thru the credits you would have had an idea.

Not quite professional grade, but good.

It's better than most of the trash ads on tv these days Brian.

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