Just ordered Solar City to power home and car

I just ordered solar city to power my whole house. With the deal they offered " zero upfront, .095 cent per kwh, I can't figure out why everyone does not do it. Price is fixed for 20 years, and my buddy who is a big wig at Xcel energy said there are multiple price increases coming from Xcel . You need to take a hard look at it. Makes a ton of financial sense. Plus it's cool to say your car runs on the sun!!!

I would have but they don't service where I live.

I am also installing solar panels, although not with Solar City and I am buying the panels instead of leasing. I did get a quote from Solar City but did not like their design and quote for buying solar panels. I agree with the financial reasons to go solar and also - if I am going to drive a zero emissions car, why not power it with electricty generated with zero emissions as well.

I had my 20kw (or 10) system installed by bella but I think if I had to do it again, I would lease and not buy. I believe the system pays for itself in 20 years and there's a good chance that we'll have moved by then.


I already had the panels & 2 plug-in hybrids. I plan to look into adding more panels this summer. Unfortunately the IREA has successfully fought net-metering for residents they cover.

IREA net meters but they don't have the ability to do net metering and TOU. For that they would need smart meters and they aren't going to do it. I had a very long conversation with their head of metering. He seemed sympathetic but said that the residents seem to have an irrational fear of smart meters spying on them so they aren't ready to do it yet.
IREA has a pilot TOU program for interested electric car owners. 4-8 PM is .23/kWh or something like that and the rest of the day .07/kWh. You can't do it with net metering, however. I even inquired if I could get 2 meters, one for my panels and one for my car. No dice.

IREA is pretty evil regarding renewable energy. I had Namaste Solar put in a little 3.1 KW grid-tied PV system back in 2010, and IREA was painful to work with.

We had Sun Run / Solar City install our leased system 18 months ago and have had negligible power bills ever since. Be aware if you plan to install the high power charger you will need a 100 amp breaker dedicated to the charger. Many homes do not have enough available amps to do this without adding an additional panel to their home.

In our next home I am planning to have enough amps to dedicate two charger on a panel. Want to plan for future expansion since our 13 year old is already planning to have an electric car as his first car!

I have a 3.7 KWH system I purchased and installed this two years ago - by Active Energies Solar and receive 4 cent a KWH produced from Xcel regardless what I use. With the new Tesla I use it all so my payback will be 12 years at current 11 cent a KWH rates with Xcel. You can only install 120% of the trailing 1 year historic use, so you might wait until you can show higher usage with the car before installing - it allows you to install a larger system. I will expand my system in a year after showing this. Go with a micro-inverter technology as it is the most efficient and allows the array to run even with panels partially shaded. Call Jason at (970) 306-4233.

Mine is a ground mount system 300' from the house so as to preserve the look of our home in the mountains. Awesome look.

I have a 5.88 kW system that is scheduled for installation in the next month and just made it before the Xcel Tier 4 solar rewards program was closed. 8.7 cents per kWH effective price ($3,000 down and $56 a month) for 20 years compared to the 11 cents I am currently paying Xcel. System was designed for 110% of last year's use before my Tesla was delivered.

I hate to say it, but my experience with Solar City was a joke. First of all, they didn't site my roof like all the other companies. Yes, I know they usually look on Google Maps and make up a system that way, but I have a brand new home and the latest image on google maps is just the foundation of my house. So my sales rep went off of the foundation on Google Maps and overlayed some panels. That's great if my roof matched the foundation (completely open putanythignwhereveryouwant!), but come on... And they wanted $36k for a 6.6kw system. That's just crazy. I was able to secure my SunPower system at $3.67 per watt (via SunTalk), which is a great deal based on my research. The panels have a 25-year warranty, and the micro-inverters are 15 or 20 years (can't remember atm).

I got my car 2 days ago, and my system will be installed in about 2 weeks. I got them to install an outlet in my garage for $150.

As IREA does not subsidize solar panels, all Solar City could offer me was to freeze my rates at 11 cents per kWh under a 20 year contract. I do not plan to live in this house for 20 years, so it made no sense for me to do so.

Anyone considering solar should look at Enphase Energy microinvertors. Had my system now for almost 3 years. I can get generation data from each installed panel. Additionally, the system can reset the inverter from over the internet if it goes offline.. I can log in anywhere with internet access and see how much my system generated that day.

@Aerof16 That's good to know, thanks for sharing. My SunPower system just got installed last week with Enphase micro inverters. Can't wait until it comes online (waiting for inspection).

Even if you do/did not use micro inverters, you can install an egauge monitor which will let you monitor solar production and consumption from any where you have Internet access. That is what I am using to monitor my solar panels and consumption.

+3 Enphase. I have had my ground-mount system for over 2 years in Evergreen and did not have a power bill until I purchased the MS. Now I am building a case for expanding my system. The internet monitoring of INDIVIDUAL panels is amazing. I caught 2 panels underperforming by 10% and sent it as an alert to my installers 3 months after the install. They used it to replace the equipment and I have 100% reliability since.

Micro is the future and I pre-purchased the panels and inverters when I took delivery on my car so the expansion would match in look and size.

BTW - I have my array 300' from the house in a field at 8,300' - small copper wire 240V run - try that with DC to a central inverter - you should first invest in copper futures!

Inspection completed this week. Now just waiting for Xcel to install a net meter. This could take weeks...

My net meter from Xcel only took 3 days - get your installer calling the local office or do it yourself!

Wow, my system has been installed for almost a month and still no net meter!!

That's not good. Even IREA, notorious for dragging their feet on solar, did mine on time and when requested.

I just signed up to supplement my existing system with Solar City. I like the idea of generating enough power for the car & house. They estimate install in 3-5 months.

So an update on my Solar City install.
Panels were installed on 8/26 :o)
Inspection is tomorrow :o)

Xcel will likely then take a month to certify & turn on :o(

Today I was informed that Xcel will certify & turn on in 4-8 weeks time. This is not under Solar City control. Xcel appears to be in no hurry.

I am expanding mine with Xcel in 60 days - 100% PV house and car!

Xcel are snails when it comes to solar. Even Solar City says so!

On another note, august was our first full calendar month of solar production. We produced 1.08MWh:

Xcel installed the net meter & certified on 10/22/13 (almost 8 weeks). I then found that the system did not turn on-- Solar City will come and look at it on 10/31/13 -- :o(

Does anybody have a good electrician to install High Power charger and probably new 100 amp panel in Lowry/Denver. Waiting for my new blue P85+ in 10 days.

Got also 10 kW on roof, unfortunately not enough to be E-independent...

Peter - I used an electrician that is familiar with solar, installed a new sub-panel and new disconnect outside for the solar feed, and created my charge connection point. I am now preparing to install the second system to cover my car - will be finished in November. My electrician was Jacob R. Ruff Electrician - 303-523-5010. He was fabulous, fast, efficient and VERY competent. He is at 2845 S. Bannock in Englewood, CO 80110

Rod in Evergreen, CO

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