I had a scare today where I couldn't find my key fob for my plug-in Prius. It took me awhile but after about an hour it turned up. During the search and while pulling out the remainder of my hair I decided to call Toyota just to see what a replacement fob would cost. The total would have been $476.00. That was pretty shocking. Our Mercedes touchless entry fob now sounds cheap at $360.00. Does anyone know what a replacement Model S fob might cost? Not that I am planning on losing it but one never knows.



Rod & Barbara bought a 3rd fob. I don't remember what they said it cost, but I think it was on the lessons learned thread (private). I couldn't find the amount, but I think it was between 250 and 350.

Here is the answer to my own question that I found under the "Questions" area from Rod and Barbara. The cost of an additional FOB is $325.00.

In my case, i'd head for my nephews Hot Wheels collection to search. ; )

$476.00 is the highest price I've ever heard. Try a different dealer--there are some out there that really rip-off Prius owners. Around Tesla's price ($325) is pretty normal for the fob and the programming of the security ECU.

I lost one of my two key fobs. Apparently there was a price increase. I was told this:

"The fee for program the key is $175 ( 1 hour labor). The key fob is $350."

I'm curious if other car companies charge so much to program the key?

We need all the functions of the fob in the mobile app. Then we could leave our fobs at home, or just bring them when we are valet parking, etc.
Secure your phone with a PIN and even if you lose it near the car your S is going to be there when you come back. If the fob drops out of your pocket anywhere near your S, your S might be gone when you come back.

Agree, the fob is going to be a major headache for the company. Incorporating its functionality into the smartphone app should be a priority.

I just replaced my "lost" fob in Palo Alto The cost of the fob was$300 and to program it was another $85. I have since found the fob and initially thought, no big deal, I will now have three to use. As it turned out they deactivated the old one. They indicated the Model S will accept 3 fob's and would be glad to reactivate the third one for another $85. They were not willing to accept the return of the new.

Move over Mercedes, you have company.


I just lost my key. Can I buy your extra?


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