Key fob deteriorating.

I just ran across the latest blog post for the Edmunds long term MS describing how their keyfob fell apart after about a year of use. Kind of curious if this is a common occurrence


Mine did, and the SC replaced it. I didn't ask if the replacement was more durable, and didn't particularly care. They were so courteous about it, and it was so minor that it hardly seemed worth the additional thought.

That happened to me recently as well - the top button is now exposed as in the photo (except it is all black). Have had the car since end of March.

Mine didn't get that bad, but the SC replaced after about 8 months.

Had mine replaced after 4 months. I've used my new fob for 2 months, and it's showing signs of deterioration.

Mine had both the door and trunk buttons exposed. The SC said they had to order the replacement part, and would call me when it came in. No call yet, and it has been 2-months. I guess I should call them.

I had same issues for both key fobs and they replaced them. The new ones don't have that seam (the the top of mine can be faintly visualized).

I've had one of the new fobs for about 10 months, the other for about 4 months. Both are in great shape and show no signs of coming apart.

My spouse has a fob that looks like the one on the left. He keeps the fob on a key ring with lots of metal keys, an led flashlight and nail clippers. Mine looks like brand new.

Tesla offered to fix or replace the fob, but he likes it better that way. He says that it's easier to press the button and he likes having the ability to find the button without having to take the fob out of his pocket.

One of my fobs had the same issue. The Service Center offered to replace it, but you must have both fobs in order for them to make the swap. I told them I would swap it out during my 25,000 service call.

similar here - after about 4 months, lost two of the three discs over the buttons. At the one year service just completed, they replaced both fobs. To me, the new ones seem a bit more durable (and a bit more work to get the button pushed). I am betting these last a fair bit longer.

Just remember to bring both fobs in for replacement because they program the car, not the fob.

Is it OK to use the second fob that was given with the car, or should that be saved for a second driver?

I covered the top of my Key Fob with 3M Scotchgard Film (Paint Armor), left over from the roll I ordered from to laminate and mount my CA HOV stickers. That should keep it shiny and new. The mold line or seam along the top (old Fobs only?)was the perfect guide for trimming with an X-acto knife.

Chunky Jr.: odd question. Both key fobs work the same, both can be used interchangeably. Doesn't matter who uses it. Not like it binds to your fingerprint or DNA or anything.

They do have different secret codes, so it is theoretically possible for the car to recognize one from the other. But there are no features that take advantage of this... yet.

The showroom employees here in Scottsdale spontaneously gifted a Tesla branded neoprene fob sleeve that has a ring too. That does protect the fob but now the sleeve opening has stretched out over the last 2 months that the fob pops out. My primary fob has similar wear as others have described, with the button covers no longer flush/invisible.

New fobs have/are been/being designed. I do not know what ever came of these. Every fob seems to be breaking.

Wouldn't mind actual buttons frankly, a la Panamera.

Mine is 13 months old with nearly daily use, and it's still in mint condition. It's the only thing I keep in my pocket though.

I've had 1 fob for 13 months with daily use. It's perfect. Should it degrade, I've got the backup. Should that degrade, I'd bet the nice folks at the service center wouldn't hesitate to supply another.

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