Masdar City: Giant renewable energy laboratory. Opportunity for TM to have R&D funded by U.A.E.

This is a City currently under construction in the U.A.E. and, according to Yousef Baselaib de Director of Operations of the project, they want to become the largest laboratory for renewable energies and are: "Welcoming any Company that claims to have some technology which can work [contribute to renewable energies] and they'll give them the land and infrastructure to develop it and jointly test it to see how it will perform within the project".

As I see it, this is a good way to get some free R&D going while working with other companies which are focused on renewable energies. Not to mention exploring the potential of what could be a really big market for TM. From my experience the U.A.E. is very business friendly and will literally throw money at you if you have a good product or service to offer.

Watch the videos, pretty amazing, the intro of the first part I found pretty silly, but that's the fault of the video producers. Among other highlights, they claim to re use 95% of all the waste produced during construction that would otherwise en up in landfills.

TM makes cars, not solar panels, etc. Suggest it on the Solar City forums, if there are any.

I think they are inviting any one involved in any aspect of renewable energy: transportation, construction, alternative fuels, etc., Mitsubishi Motors got in there with there EV I believe, I'm sure Tesla has a lot more to offer in terms of clean energy transportation. Plus Emirates people are notorious for their love of luxury cars. I'm sure they would take Tesla over Mitsubishi any day of the week. ;)

These links have to do with "Superconducting Electrical Power Lines". Cuts electrical resistance loss 50%, cuts wire volume 90% , and is buried underground. Requires refrigeration, but that could be powered by a solar canopy over the buried electrical line in this U.A.E. project, space seems to not be an issue. Taylored made for U.A.U. project. Plenty of problems to work out.

These buried superconducting electrical lines allow electrical energy production at the best source and at mass scale. Then the electrical energy more efficiently moved over longer distances where it's needed. Thus this system also makes EV vehicles more green.

It also allows in the U.S. for renewable energy distribution in unconnected grid areas in the U.S. such as geothermal in the northwest USA, solar in the southwest, and utilities using fracked natural gas in northern central states, wind energy in the middle central states , etc.

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