To me, the Tesla Motors forum is...

... waking up in the morning to find every last reply on the first page being from Brian H ;-)

I'm curious, what's the Tesla Motors forum to you?
Humor allowed, but don't let that stop you from being serious.

... interesting and informative, frustrating and annoying, amusing and boring.

But somehow I keep coming back.

15% very useful information archive.
5% new useful information.
5% not very useful information.*
55% reposting of questions/answers about the 20% useful information.
10% BrianH corrections of your mispeled werds.
5% "I ordered a MS!" "I can't stand the wait!" "It gets here in x days!" "Today's the day!" "Got it yesterday and can't believe how awesome it is!"
3% links to news articles about Tesla
1.99% "I wish it would do/had this, even though no one ever said it would ever do/have this."
.009% completely unscientific statistics.*
.001% "This car sucks."

*This post falls in these categories.

Aha. It's exactly like da wife!!!

My home page!

....what will eventually get me fired from my job. ;-) I sometimes miss meetings because I am on the forum.

To me, the Tesla Motors forum is...

...a place where I can vent about my new obsession, in lieu of Mr. Fusion, a Flux Capacitor, Energon Cubes, or a TARDIS.

...desperately in need of added features, subforums, and active moderation.

cgiGuy contributed, "10% BrianH corrections of your mispeled werds."

...a whole bunch of LOLs!

...populated by people whose average intelligence is significantly higher than on any other internet forum I have ever come across before.

An addiction that I've been unable to break. Started before I ordered the car - just can't quit.

...a time soak, but a good one. I've learned a lot in the last few years here. Hopefully I can pay that forward to new owners with questions.

I should add that I agree completely with NKYTA - I've learned a ton from all of you dedicated posters who educate the rest of us about this amazing car. Thank you all. It's an addiction, but a good one!

...the only place where I could have learned definitively that you CANNOT fit a full sheet of plywood in an S.

Destroying my career and marriage

the family I never had.

The Club House

The TMC forum to me is all business, like being at work: (mostly) a bunch of guys talking about the intricate details of a car

The TM forum is MUCH more entertaining and relaxed, like being at home with family/ friends: there is some joking around/ silliness, name calling, accusations, language usage/ grammar corrections, request for advice regarding indiscretions/ options, venting about frustrations, celebrating the joys of driving a great car and BTW, also sharing information about the Model S.

I have learnt a great deal about the Model S from both forums (?pl) but always scan through TM first.

"... you CANNOT fit a full sheet of plywood in an S."
I didn't know that. Now I won't try.

But to be on topic... addiction.

a place Im tired of seeing a new person every day say "I ordered my Model S!!!"

The quickest way to keep up to the minute on TM developments, and get inside info and reactions from people with "hands on the wheel".

I believe it's the second and third job for you, Brian.

Can anyone recommend a good obsession counselor. Between my Tesla and this site, I am in for trouble.

... the final straw that broke the camel's back and convinced me I need (no, WANT!) a MS.

... the place where I read about bugs and missing features that I had no clue about before and therefore helped me make a well educated decision. I ordered and confirmed within 24h!

... the first site that opens up by default when I open the Chrome browser on my Android. Always interesting to see which threads are on the first page. It can change within minutes!

... the place where I will most likely seek help once the car is here to cure the obsession. LOL

... the most important source of information every day. That's probably not a good thing, huh?

The place I come to live in the future.

the place where I can learn about Tesla, talk about Stela, tell about my journey to own one etc. This forum made ownership experience 100 times better.

amitb00 +100!

...worth it's weight in Taels.

A rabbit hole I go down when I try to find the real source of information and the real facts.

Real facts? Maybe validated is better.

After my last post in a different thread, I have decided that the forums are filled with clues and pieces of a big puzzle I am trying to put together. Some pieces fit. Others don't.

...a place to clean the Slate.

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