Mobile access to Tesla App!!

Tom and Kristi here - just got access to our mobile app and signed DMV paperwork in advance of picking up our Tesla on June 27!! We are so excited!
From our initial visit to the Menlo Park design center, to test driving the most awesome car, to signing our paperwork on line, everything has been superb!!!
Can't wait to post so e pics of our new arrival! MS85, gray, gray interior, black roof, tech, active suspension, 21" silver wheels, vin 148...we are looking forward to meeting Tesla owners!

Still in the early stages of the Teslanami; you will have many many more owners to meet as time goes on. In a few months, you'll be a veteran, encouraging others to follow in your footsteps!


What do you mean by mobile access? Like you can use the Tesla app on your phone and connect to your car that you don't have yet? lol I guess that would be kind of fun, but also tortuous.

It used to work, before a few mechanics at the factory whanged their heads on the hood or frame when the car honked unexpectedly. >:p

Haha, I didn't think about that.

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