Model S Mt. Evans Road Rally

I am volunteering to organize a road rally to the top of Mt. Evans with our new Model Ss. Tentative idea is to set a date next June or even July for the assault. There should be a good number of Model S deliveries by then, we trust. Details to be determined, but I am soliciting inut from any and all potentially interested in helping and/or participating in the rally.

My initial thought is to meet at the Clear Creek County Middle School (the old High School), as their parking lot would be ideal for staging our S cars for one awesome picture. The Middle School is just South of I-70 on HWY 103 a little past the Forrest Ranger Station. Then we can make the 28.5 mile ascent to 14,256 ft above sea level, where we can have an even better photo op. The descent will be cautious, as the road surface is a POS, but this way we can see our regen braking run up a charge of infinite miles. And, if we're up for it, Beau Jo's Pizza & beer(s) in Idaho Springs.

So folks interested in potentially participating, please check back to this thread, or maybe an official invite thread, in May.

Sounds like a plan, Velo1. I'm in!

me too

Im in as well!

Sounds like fun. Just got notice for delivery 11/17>12/1. Signature Performance in Denver.

chort67 - congrats! I am trying not to think about when I should be getting ours (wife and me), as my window for delivery is Jan/Feb. I know when it gets narrowed down I will be worse than any kid before Christmas with anticipation. enjoy the experience - see you in the summer for the rally.

looking forward to seeing some Ss in the wild while I'm waiting for my number to be called.

I'll be in for that as well. P446 so should have mine this year (hopefully anyway)

P446 better be this year. I'm P6286 and have a Jan/Feb delivery window. Let us know when you and your car are online.

I'm game. Feb/Mar is my delivery window.

Count me in, hoping for delivery in June !

Sounds good. Hopefully won't have worn out the tires before the rally.

Count me in.

Count me in too. Gonna be close since I am 13907. Casey at Tesla PM told me over weekend that people in the 12,000's have gotten email asking them to configure.

@tlemcke. Hope you get your car for the rally, but if not, then come anyway and hitch a ride to the summit and back. Just promise not to drool all over the leather.

I will bring napkins just in case.

This sounds like fun, but at 17,744 I don't think I'll make it. :)

I wouldn't count yourself out yet jefaa. I'm #13,788 and just received a delivery date of feb/mar. I guess Tesla is seriously ramping up production.


Count me in, 40kw's better wait at Beau Jo's. Feb/March del. # 10060

Tumult - I recall seeing somewhere on these threads you live in Evergreen. So do I, in the Bergen Park area. My S arrives Friday (Jan 18th). Shoot me an email at if you wish to see a Blue with grey leather model up close and personal sometime before your's arrives.

Looking forward to joining the group. Just ordered my SP. DELIVERY IN MARCH!!!!!! Black with Gray wheels & Black Leather!

Velo1- You are about to start having a lot of fun driving. Congrats!


message sent. I've unselfishly offered to test drive it when it arrives just to make sure its safe.


Glad to hear we've got some Model "S' owners in Evergreen. Would like to join the rally but at 17208 may not make it! May have to put a "Bike Whistle" on my car as I head up Upper Bear Creek!

Count me in! Delivery is supposed to be in the next week or two.

Aerof... You may very likely have your S by then. If not, come anyway and hitch a ride, but no drooling please.

We'll need a name for a group of Ss, as I am expecting close to 20 participants. I still need to wait for Spring before picking a date. Right now I am leaning toward late May or early June, if that helps any of you interested.

I am volunteering/drafting Stevezzzzz as our official photographer.

BTW - look for my Bluetiful S in and around Evergreen. I take her out often, named Joules, just for fun. My wife thinks I am having an affair. She's right.

I might make this after all! 17,744 and I received my email to finalize today!

"Volunteer" Stevezzzz, reporting for duty. Should be a fun outing.

Oooo! This should be lots of fun! I have a Model X on order, but there is no chance I will be able to drive it to your rally. I cannot wait for Model X delivery! I am going to leave the gull wing doors open and drive it off a cliff! I bet it can fly! I'll be looking down on all you Model S owners driving around on those (what do you call them)... streets. We do have a Chevy Volt, however. Maybe I could drive that to your rally. You all can oogle my mighty 16.5 KWH battery. Or we could remove the gas cap and you all can breathe some gas fumes like back in the good old days. God bless!

Count me in, this sounds like a lot of fun!

I am thinking of scheduling the road rally on a weekend day, either the first or second weekend in June, but nothing firm yet. I need to first meet with the Park Service to ensure they are ok with this, which they should be, and then make sure there are no conflicts with any other Mt Evans' events like running or cycling races. Stay tuned for more info in April. Velo1

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