Model S on National Geographic Megafactories

I just watched a full hour long episode on building the Model S at NatGeo Megafactories.
It gave a good impression of some of the challenges Tesla faced when starting up a new huge factory.
This was AWESOME to watch and I can reccomend it to every forum visitor. It might actually be great material for staff at Tesla stores to hand out to interested visitors on a Tesla branded USB stick for watching at home :-)

Although I looked I have never seen this broadcast on NatGeo in Colorado.

What I found interesting and a little bit concerning was the mention that Model S body frame is comprised of 12-14 pieces that are welded together. Don't most of today's auto manufacturers use unibody construction to avoid having to do this and to provide a more rigid construction? I really don't know much about vehicle construction, but this one aspect stuck out for me.

Yes, that is the NatGeo episode referred to in the OP.

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