Model S Smartphone App

What would you like the App to control? I'd like it to have the ability to:

1) Cool the car before I get in
2) Open the chargeport
3) Locate the car in the airport garage
4) Tell me if someone is in the car (if possible)


@Michael23 | NOVEMBER 15, 2012: Trying to picture it...I usually use google maps on my phone to find an address then what would be the next step?

In web version of Google Maps, when you click on a place marker, there is a "more" option. Under the more option you can select "Send". There you have choices to send the address to various devices and cars. Ideally, Tesla needs to register with Google and have this feature be able to send address information to the car. This already works, for example, with the Nissan Leaf using Carwings.

Has anyone actually heard a recent ETA from Tesla on iOS or Android smartphone app availability for the Model S?

Nope - but I've seen a beta version in the wild. I know of at least three owners who are testing the app.

I think the app should have a realtime availability-update of fast-chargers.
I also hope a service booking-function is made, if available timeslots can be seen directly.
If the car is showing any error-messages, it would be nice to log them in the app as well, perhaps with functionality to email them or to have a service- and error-history directly in the app.

Hm, sounds like more than 1 app.

When I picked up my car at the Factory, the DS told me the app is expected before the end of the year. While I'm looking forward to it, I'm not holding my breath since these things do take time to develop and debug.

and then apple takes weeks to review and publish...

I would like the app be able to schedule heating or cooling the car. .. in the summer, start cooling the car at 5pm as I get off work at 5.30 pm or something like that.

I wonder how the app will "connect" initially with our Model S. I don't want any random person to be able to download the app and knowing my VIN# be able to track where I am or what I'm up to in my Model S? Anyone know how that security is handled? I only see the option to turn Mobile Communications On or Off currently in the Model S.

I've heard a subset of the owners have been asked into a beta program for the mobile app. I've also heard they have been sworn to secrecy. So, it is out there, but I'm sure not many details will be until it's released.

I know I requested to beta test, I was sadly ignored however... :(

George mentioned at the Toronto store opening that he had the app and id did many of the things mentioned.

Not ignored. They studied your posts, and ...

I was also passed over as a beta tester. mobile app feature request:

Notification on mobile device of the availability of a software update for the car and the ability to initiate or schedule it remotely.

At least two beta testers are users of this forum. One self identified a couple of days ago.

I posted on the locked cable page, but would suit even better here:

Formally, the field of Software needs to formulate and acknowledge The Law of Unintended Logic. "Any code you write implies and does things you can't anticipate."

Waiting for the app and then will have to wait again for android version haha.

I was told by Ownership several weeks ago that I would be included in the iphone app beta test group, but when I called last week to see what the holdup was, they told me the beta list had been closed. Bummer, but at least we can infer it's getting closer to release.

Why is there the Tesla App only for Apple and Android ?

Windows Phone exist too and some future owners have this smartphone ;)

I agree, Windows Phone 8 is needed too! Microsoft should not be underestimated.

I don't think it's being underestimated. As of October, it's been reported that Android+iOS make up 87.9% of the smartphone marketshare. Windows is at 3.2% (and declining). The rest is split up between symbian, blackberry, etc. Not saying it's a bad OS by any means (my cousin works on the Windows Phone team). Just saying it's probably not high on the list.

Developers and hackers for that matter always go for the market leaders and Windows Mobile is not it.

I think Windows 8 phones will increase the marketshare for windows phones. It's still new so it doesn't really show yet and people are only just starting to get them. Before Win8 there was no real Win OS designed for mobile devices which is where MS acted just like these automobile fossils, too late to act in new mobile techs. For that reason they are now playing catchup with iOS and Android.

OTOH they still have vast majority in desktop computers, and that will help them to play that catchup.

Best bet for security is some method of pairing the phone withe the car, so it will only recognize it. Probably need to be in the car with the fob and have it link to your SIM card or some such.


OTOH they still have vast majority in desktop computers, and that will help them to play that catchup.

Maybe, but I'm guessing that desktop use is declining with the advent of good mobile devices. I know I very rarely even turn on my desktop at home anymore. So Windows may be dying all around before our very eyes.


The technology to authenticate and secure communications between two devices is well-established - it happens every time you make a purchase online or check your email. There are lots of other examples, like

which lets you unlock your front door from your phone.

I'm sure you'll have to pair the phone with the car somehow, as Vawlkus suggests, but that should be no more onerous than setting up Bluetooth.

1) Ability to view and set the internal temperature of the car, and view the external temperature
2) 'Valet' mode
3) View the charge status
4) Robust interface with Nav system
5) Car status (location, speed, etc.)
6) External opening of Chargeport, windows and handles
7) Lifetime stats of energy used
8) Remote lock/unlock with password and sync the car with the specific device (from Vawlkus)
9) Compatibility with all leading smartphone manufacturers
10) Access to backup camera
11) Easy transfer of data (playlists, pictures, etc)
12) Notification of (and control download of) software updates


I'm looking at you through Windows on devices large and small.
I like the fact that I can retain my own data and information and I don't have to rely others to store, maintain, protect or preserve it. I like knowing where my data resides.

The other options require a huge leap of faith that I have not yet been able to make.

@Captain_Zap, it is not only you. AFAIK almost 100% of world corporations, schools and universities use windows as their primary OS. Desktop computers at work are not going away anytime soon, only home playfields are changing. Mobile devices are pretty limited compared to desktops.

Oh, if wifi is available, the view from the rear camera would be cool. Spy on parking lot attendants :D

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