New Maserati Ghiblia

Nice looking car from Maserati. Priced starting at about $65k would compete with the Model S.

Except that it's an ICE car, and overall, rather low tech. Not bad looking though.

When my S was delivered that afternoon my neighbor came over and asked if could see our new Maserati.

Be sure to ask them about shared parts between ahem, Dodge and Maserati.

This car costs 165000 $ in Norway and thats the starting price, you can get 2 model S s' for this price.

First: It's calle Ghibli not Ghiblia.

Second: Beside a decent styling the car can't compare to Model S. As a previous poster mentioned it's totally lo tech. The touch screen apparently is a disaster... Maserati was always 10 years behind when it comes to infotainment.

Model S and Ghibli shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. Period.

Looks like a Kia Optima ran full steam into a Fisker Karma and resulted in this byproduct.

That's hot, because it looks like a Model S.

However I wish the front of the Model S looked like the Maserati. The front plastic nose cone is sooooooooooo lame.

I vacillated between the Model S and waiting for the Ghibli. In the end I decided to purchase a P85. Afterall, it's a freaking Tesla!

Isn't this an electric car enthusiasts and owners site?

Thanks for posting. It reminds me what I would have had to settle for if there was not a Model S.

Do we also get a heads-up here on new versions of the Audi A7, Benz CLS, BMW Gran Coupe and Porsche Panamera? If so, why?

What i like is that it kinda looks just like all the other Maseratis. Anyway, if they made this electric, it'll be worth considering.

The interior it’s a bit scary and claustrophobic... it's good for racing but can you imagine yourself entering the car with winter clothing or an umbrella? Hehe. Hilarious! If you want another car to fill an empty spot in your ginormous garage ok, but for your only car I'll not compare it to the model S.

The interior is too loud for me. I much prefer the 'S interior.
I agree the front looks very nice though on the Giblet.

I saw the interior in a showroom Wednesday. Disappointing.

Too slow...

If that doesn't work out, earlier in the year on these forums, a ford edge was found to be a more suitable car...

The first time that I saw a Tesla S on the road, I thought it was a Maserati. I'm sure that Tesla borrowed body style features from Maserati , Austin Martin, Audi and a few others to create a very attractive car.

Let's be honest the model s looks a lot like the Kia as well

I prefer the product line from Studio Ghibli.

@Electricfun - It's the other way around...

Kia and other Korean brands in general are known to copy 30-40% of the best styling from other brands and combine it into their design. This is the legal limit where they won't be sued for copyright infringement.

There's no central styling cue for any of the models up and down the Kia line because none of them follow a central styling. However, some of the combined "borrowed" styling do look pretty good.

I agree with @Amps2go that the MS have the styling elements of the luxury vehicles he mentioned. What would you expect from a European designer for MS?

Actually, just from one-the Jag..

@Amps2go: "Austin Martin"? I resemble that remark!

('08 V8 Vantage)

I prefer that plastic cone on Model S rather that this classic looking Maserati.


Hot Giblet sandwich, comin' up!

The Giblet is cute, but after I do the math, it does not work out. They may hit the street after tax at the same price as an nicely apportioned S60, but from that day on, the difference becomes obvious.

I don't mind bragging here to my peers, but dang, we are a smart crowd. (And probably good looking). My S60 cost of ownership is ridiculously low at $0.028 per mile. That's probably 1/5th of the Giblet.

I also like the black nose cone on the MS. It looks like an open shark's mouth to me. That combined with the headlights is how I came up with my MS's nickname Land Shark.

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