Next big Tesla announcement is around June 20: Musk

Per Elon at All Things D...after tomorrow's, around June 20 is next (presumably the "fifth" in the trilogy)

This is too much fun. Probably more entertaining than the demonstration itself. So heck, why not one more hair-brained idea.

Nothing I have read indicates that this is going to be deployed today, tomorrow or even next year. Still it is Tesla's best interest to show what is possible a few years down the road. As long as you make the new technology backward compatible to the S then current S owners will be happy. charge a battery or super capacitor. It is mounted in/on the floor. A MS drives over it configured with a new battery (sorry we will have to upgrade). Put the car in park, a "robot" takes over, docks the floor mounted battery/super capacitor to the MS upgraded battery in a fashion that has multiple connection points, large enough wiring to handle "parallel" charging and in minutes the energy is transferred from the "super-duper charger" to the MS's battery.

This overcomes a number of the issues that have been pointed out before. a) How to get the current grid to transfer that much energy that don't, you do it over time and hold it in a battery/capacitor. b) The size of wiring needs to be massive....only if you charge through 1, or few connections. By doing something with "massive" parallel charging you eliminate this issue. c) Phantom/mystery 2nd charging port.....not needed as the new battery will have multiple charging connections.

I have no idea, at least not any more than most, but it is an interesting concept, no?

@sia - Not to sidetrack this very focused thread, but even if you select only the circumstances that apply to you, there is no way to get a $1,000 payment down to $500. You need to ADD the costs to a competing car; you cannot SUBTRACT them from costs of owning a Model S. Someone who has only $500 a month to spend cannot afford a Model S.

My point, however (and I love Elon, TM, and my car), is that we should not hang literally on Elon's words in predicting what will happen June 20. He is quite capable of puffery.

you guys are funny.....the announcement is only 3 days away. Can't wait till then?

77 hours and 18 minutes... will be a 1MW flash charge utilizing 12 standard 85kwH packs in parallel, high temp super conducting wires and connectors and liquid helium battery cooling...
just my weird contribution to all the speculation;-)

Elon is laughing his head of while reading this thread for sure- hopefully he will present a best of all speculations in his announcement.

. . . but who's counting?

Hey, I heard that the originator of the idea that makes him laugh the hardest is actually going to win a free ride in their OWN CAR!

Atlanta, in that case you may have a winner right there! Congratulatoins.

I take credit for the McDonald's drive-thru interface, but not the Keurig in the glovebox.

The Tesla S model is the greatest automobile ever produced and delivered. However, it is not good enough. Make it better, Tesla.
Make it a LOT better. As fast as you can.


I am gonna spill the Top SECRET guys...your Teslas are already equipped with Supercapacitor Pack!!! However due to current state of suprecapcitor development, the cost of each capacitor extremely expensive. Therefore Tesla has limited the Max charge capacity to 40miles. So as Elon said, the answer to Super-Duper-Charging faster than you could fill a gas tank is really under your nose. All you need to do is to turn on a switch on your 17" screen to operationalize your supercapcitor pack!!! Once you do that, you can charge 40 miles, not in minutes, but in seconds from anywhere...from your own home or any public charging station!!

Bank on it.....this top secret info is sourced from an army of Tesla supercapacitor engineers :))

" However due to current state of suprecapcitor development, the cost of each capacitor extremely expensive. Therefore Tesla has limited the Max charge capacity to 40miles"

That is not logical. If there is a Supercapcitor already in the car now, then why do you talk about the cost as a reason for 40 miles limitation?

@satyrias...the maximum capacity of the installed supercapcitor pack is 40 miles due to cost related to engineering issues.... :))

That means, all the Supercapacitor packs have to be replaced in all cars if there is one, if that is the announcement...

All right guys. I'm tellin ya....

Buy stock in Keurig!!!

The donut maker will be next year's improvement.

I believe the car has been torn apart by several people, so while I think @justineet is kidding anyway, if there was a material pie e of hardware on the car, I think someone would have found it or heard of it by now. I agree with others that an SC announcement seems odd considering that was the last announcement - unless they're tied together and there's an announcement after this. Did Elon say 6/20 was the final one?

Tough here. I think battery swapping is not a good business model but also think a new supercharger technology would be odd too.

I love my car as is, so as long as they aren't announcing they're taking something away, I will be happy.

Are we there yet?

@satyriasno, no need for any replacement; with current supercapcitor technology a maximum of 40miles per charge is what is feasible for the foreseeable future according to my top secret sources:)) The 40miles Uber-fast-charging Supercapacitor pack works perfectly for your daily city driving as well as for lightening-speed miles extension during long distance travel. All you need to do for your regular city driving is to charge your supercapcitor pack in seconds, hop your little toshie in ur Tesla, and your are on your way!! If you believe you will travel more than 40 miles in a given day, you just need to have a little more juice in your main Lithium Battery pack which will take only minutes to charge even at your home, not hours. For long distance travel if you only need to extend your range by 40miles or less to reach your destination, no need to charge or supercharge your main lithium battery pack even for 20 minutes!! Just charge your supercapcitor pack at warp speed even before you blink your eyes and off you go to your destination......wherever that may be...............gradma's house..............relatives' residents :))

I'm hungry!

Where are the doughnuts?

My brian hurts after that.

Yore brain is failing, too.

Does anyone know the energy density of the best currently available supercapicitors? My quick look suggests a maximum of 10wh/kg. As 40 miles of range requires ~12kwh @ 300wh/mile, the 'hidden' supercapicitor (@10wh/kg) would weigh ~1200kg!!! Unless there is at least an order of magnitude improvement in energy density, I cannot see how current Tesla's could have a hidden supercapcitor of 1200kg!!! Can someone confirm or deny my calculations?

I've done a google search and looked at the events links on the Tesla website, but cannot find a link to a webcast of the event on the 20th. Does anyone have a link, if it even exists? I will be getting up at 3am to watch it if I can.

@mdemetri.....this is not your standard supercapcitor according to my top secret informant:)) It's a brand new propriety micro-supercapacitor breakthrough developed by Tesla with a very well known micro-chip company my top secret source has declined to reveal the name. But I have a very good guess which chip company it is. This new development which will be revealed soon is a highly guarded technological breakthrough in the field of supercapacitor batteries! According to my Top secret source within Tesla's Army of supercapcitor engineers, the issue of energy density and high rate of self-discharge has been resolved for the most part. Though not 100% up to par with lithium batteries, the energy density and self-discharge rate of this breakthtough are very close to Lithum battery's! The biggest issue remaining is cost.......due to the extremely pricy materials used, one can compare the Lithuim batteries with copper electrical wiring, and the supercapacitor breakthrough to electric wiring with Gold! It's therefore financially feasable to use this breakthrough only in a limited capacity -- for limited range -- until the day comes for full adoption with the discovery of affordable substitute materials :))


That sounds wonderful; my original thought for a secondary battery in the frunk was a supercapicitor; but energy density was the problem; therefore I evolved to a metal-air secondary battery given its much higher energy density. But if Tesla has had a major breakthrough in supercapicitor energy density and self discharge, then this makes a huge amount of sense. If you are right, then this is an incredible improvement in Model S and both car sales and the stock are going to take off like a space X rocket.

.........cheerio @mdemetri:))

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) tweetet kl. 9:42 AM on tir., juni 18, 2013:
Live pack swap demo on Thurs night at 8pm California time at our design studio in Hawthorne. Seeing is believing.

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Elon Musk (@elonmusk) tweetet kl. 9:46 AM on tir., juni 18, 2013:
Video of battery pack swap will be posted to the Tesla website around 9:30pm, so those attending will see this first.

Battery swap it is:

I bet they will not start building a battery swap network soon, too costly (on top of other challenges). It will probably be for reassuring Model S buyers for the future of their purchase and some free advertising as the press may go nuts about this.

While a quick battery swap opens up interesting possibilities, depending upon what Tesla decides to do with this capability, a larger issue is battery life - minimum range for the battery pack.

The battery warranty covers defects, but doesn't provide specific protection from loss of range as the battery pack ages.

Exchanging for another battery pack could increase the risk owners would get a pack that might have less range due to harder use (frequent max charges) by other owners.

Tesla should address battery life anxiety by amending the battery warranty to provide a minimum range for the battery pack. This would not only provide protection for the car's original battery pack, but also for any battery packs that were swapped (if that service is ever provided).

Tesla had earlier mentioned a battery replacement plan - would it make more sense to have battery a swap plan with a minimum range guarantee, rather than a one-time replacement for the battery pack?

Related to this topic is the new variable charge feature in the 4.5 software update. Does charging below 90% provide better protection of battery life? Or is the variable charging being provided for another reason, such as allowing users to cut off charging from public (more expensive) chargers early when less than a full charge is needed? Tesla should amend the recommended charging practice in the owners manual to explain when the new variable charging feature should be used.

Hopefully this week's announcement will be more than just demonstrating a battery pack swap - and will address at least some of the battery-related concerns.

If they're doing battery pack swaps, I wonder what the price point's going to be. Elon's already said that he would like to bake the price in the car.

I really would be sad if the announcement included a price increase. Especially, since I'm less than a month away from a down payment.

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