NJ Governor Christie

I didn't vote for him in 2009.
I didn't vote for him in 2013, either. Perhaps that means there will be a lane closure coming out of my driveway, I don't know.
If he runs for President, I wouldn't vote for him.

That only gets to the tip of the iceberg of how I feel about him. "His Royal Immenseness" has been bought and paid for by big corporations tied to oil and the traditional auto dealerships.

And boy am I ANGRY!!!

You who own (or want to own)a Tesla should be pissed off too.

I have other thoughts in mind, but in the interests of decency I choose to keep those words out of it.

Others are welcome to chime in.
People in Jersey are tiring of his act. Hopefully Bridget Kelly flips and he ends up in jail where he belongs.

This will do wonders for him nationally, right?
Show of hands?

I've never voted for him either. It was never an option for me since I don't live in Jersey.

I'm not angry. It is just politics.

His side of the story seems to be he is simply going by current law that required cars be sold through dealers. Tesla got a temporary exception.

I have no idea who is being truthful and don't really care - truth does not seem to matter much in politics. It is up to the people of NJ to fix it. NJCAR does not vote.

Tesla is doing a good job - get the people riled up and try to get the press interested in their David vs Goliath, EVs vs big oil, story.

Can't say I care for the guy, and would not vote for him for president. NOW, I will be happy to work for his opponents.

Amen jbunn. I posted that very thought to another thread and it was deleted.

I will not lift a finger to work for any national candidate until money is removed from the process completely. I would be happy to lift all ten fingers to work on removing money from the process.

CC is just a particularly NJ style in your face version of the corruption but even that does not seem to be enough for the average citizen to turn away. I have no issue with up front "in your face" types per se, it is the politician part that I take exception to.

"His Royal Immenseness" - hahaha!

Christie, Cuomo, they are all buyable. While I am a strong believer in federalism, this is where it comes up a bit short, because corruption is so much easier on the local level, out of the larger press spotlight that you get on the federal stage (but then a gain, its easier to to vote the local bum out of office than the federal one).
By the way, I wouldn't want to be a resident of NJ when Christie decides he can't run for president -- then he will really turn evil and there will be no governors on his actions other than an oversized jail cell.

Why is it that this tri state area is so up in arms against Tesla? Not trying to offend anyone that thinks these politicians are special.

Is Texas really so different?

I will be vacationing in Rhode Island, where they love Tesla. That's a funny.

I am sure NY & PA will enjoy the extra sales tax revenue

My thanks to TeslaLandShark. Actually, I had a different nickname for him which is less politically correct but goes straight to the girth of the matter. I'll leave it at that.

The problem to me isn't about corruption although that is an issue in and of itself: Here, it is about some people protecting the way of life as it used to be, through rose colored glasses that refuse to see anything they do not wish to see. With every revolution in life there are 1000 people standing in its path hoping to obstruct it. 110 years ago, the car itself was an obstacle and silly laws were created to prevent them from going as fast as a horse -- such as requiring someone to lead the way and walk in front of the driver. Most people would have pined for a faster horse that ate less food and didn't poop everywhere, if they could only find a way to get one.

And, as they said, "if man were meant to fly he would have had wings". After a few trips on United Airlines, actually, I think they have a point.

It took a long time for society to accept that the earth was not flat.

It took a long time for society to accept that the sun did not revolve around the earth.

It took a long time to accept the fact that the earth is older than 6000 years. Some still refuse to accept that one.

So while I acknowledge that corruption is an issue and I don't duck from it, I also point out that (AHEM!) one political party has made a habit of late, along with a sort-of-allied political group, of standing in the way of progress for stupid, silly, childish, ridiculous reasons, every bit comparable to lane closures due to phantom traffic studies. They obstruct, and they defame ("Tesla's fault?" Really??)

And they cannot be trusted to run a toy railroad village, let alone a government. Not in Texas, not in Arizona, not in New Jersey, in which all three governors belong to the....

Andrew, come on. Are you saying that the Republicans were responsible for laws enacted 110 years ago preventing cars from going as fast as a horse? And all of this was done in New Jersey.

When I drive down any road in the USA, Christie is just another person with NJ license plates, and when I see that plate I turn the steering wheel the other way, Tesla should do the same thing.
Tesla doesn't need NJ, and the NJ residents don't need Christie, and if the voters there are smart, they will vote him out next time his immensity runs. I always thought that Christie was for the average guy, isn't that point that made him so popular?
I wonder how the NJ State Legislature feels this evening, do they feel less important? Christie makes you feel less important, and I wonder how he got around the State house as fast as he did without the Legislature noticing?
Can the Legislature do anything about it now that he ignored the legislatures laws ? Can they veto his actions?

Dems have majority but can't override Christie veto by themselves

It's annoying as hell when states pass rules like this.

However, as far as Tesla's concerned, this worries me more.

Dems have a huge majority and probably could over ride a veto. Has Christie actually vetoed any legislation? Has the Dem majority actually passed a bill?

Not a Christie fan but blaming him for legislation written by a Dem controlled legislature is a bit weird.

In any case it's a tempest in a tea pot, I doubt if it will reduce sales. I had to go out of state to get a demo, and bought on line. People in NJ will do the same.

No Mel, I am not saying that the Teddy Roosevelt Republicans enacted stupid laws about cars back then, I am saying that the Republican Party is the party of government by obstruction. We have seen this over the last 5 years at the federal level time and time again, and we see it now with the Christie administration.

This wasn't a first for our rotund Republican leader, either.

Early on in his administration he made clear that NJ Transit would have to live on a great deal less, costing train service and increasing our fares 25% at the same time. That was hardly an environmentally friendly decision, in addition to the financial burden it caused to both NJ Transit and its riders. It is not uncommon for NYC commuters to shell out on or close to $400 per month, thanks to him. On top of which, he cancelled the Trans-Hudson tunnel project which would have improved service, created jobs for the construction, and likely increased ridership too.

His decisions involving NJ school districts have also meant higher property taxes AND less state funding for schools at the same time. Again, we pay more to get less.

And now we have this.

People respect(ed) him because he is plain-spoken: He tells it as he sees it. He doesn't back down. He won points for welcoming President Obama and thanking him for his help: Had his fellow Repubs at the Federal level had their way, Christie would have gotten nothing. Some Republican pundits blame that on the lost 2012 election: They are wrong about that, but it did clinch Christie's re-election for sure.

But at the end of the day, he is just another guy standing in the way of progress. And, not coincidentally, he is Republican.

andrew, if you like Tesla you cannot be a bad guy.

I think the entire Tesla community will agree with you about Christie..

After that , you go off the tracks. Your argument is overly simplistic. The all Democrats are good and all Republicans are bad is silly.

Take a look at Connecticut..

Anyone know of a Governor that has been pro Tesla?

Here's a petition to Christie. Let's sign and send him a message:

@andrew.berman. Now, please share with us a few words about Governor Cuomo and Shelly Silver.

Christie and Cuomo are both truly the definition of sleazy politicians. They are truly the epitome of everything that is bad and questionable about politics and politicians.

I'm pissed at what NJ did !

I won't go into any political details, but what about free enterprise, capitalism, build a better mousetrap..

The hypocrisy!!! The hypocrisy!!! These politicians talk about "climate change" but they do NOT practice what they stay up all night in the congress to preach....Democrat or Republican, they are ALL cut from the same cloth!!!

....but you know....It is really, really our fault as the electorate....We make these stupid choices when we voice for the likes of Christie, Cuomo, or any other....

@musker - sales tax gets paid where the car is registered. Even if bought in another state, it would go to NJ, except I don't believe NJ charges sales tax on a Tesla.

If I lived in NJ, I'd rather drive out of state to buy and service the car, than pay sales tax.

Sales tax here in CT is 6.35% - 7% for luxury cars like a Tesla.

....I meant to say "vote" for the likes of....

Christie and Cuomo, Republican and Democrat, both corrupt. Politicians suck! They don't represent their constituents any more, only those willing to bankroll their campaign. Another sad day for American government.

@sharpe222 - the democrat legislature has not passed legislation, so it is unknown whether or not such legislation would be vetoed by the republican governor or not.

+1 @canary. Elections have consequences - we get what we ask for, whether it is Christie, Obama, or anyone else. | March 11, 2014

My letter: Governor Christie (and NADA friends), Thank you for all the free publicity you just gave Tesla. TM will continue to not have to spend a dime on advertising if Texas, Arizona and now New Jersey politicians and their auto dealership friends continue to try to block an innovative and 'green' American company from selling the Consumer Reports highest scoring car ever in your state(s).
Since TM is currently supply constrained we will turn our attention to helping the US with it's trade deficit and sell our cars abroad instead of shipping our jobs there.
Please keep up the fight for at least another year or so, invite some other friends in other states to join in. This will undeniably result in rising demand for our cars in your state and prompt the federal government/courts to take up our cause (and pay for it) while we get our Gigafactory built so we can meet all this pent up demand.
Please accept our condolences for all the letters you receive from your less than happy constituents who will be forced to circumvent your archaic laws/rules and obtain a car in another state or who will be subject to continue the 'wonderful' experience of sitting in a dealership showroom. At least the will get a free cup of three day old coffee for their trouble.

Sincerely, A former supporter who votes in every election

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