No more home delivery!

This just in... The denver store is saying that there will no longer be home deliveries. Can't say I'm real happy about that because I am suppose be taking home delivery this thursday. And we had a big event planned already. They should not have done this only 3 days before hand. To top it off, I'm flying half way around the world to take delivery. This is not right and not fair! My Tesla grin has gone away.

I got my delivery button about about 2 weeks back and when I filled out delivery questionnaire, the only option I was given was to pick the car up at service center. No home delivery. In my case, I was planning to go to service center any way, so it didn't bother me but if you were all psyched up for a home delivery, this would be a big let down :( Hopefully the driving experience will make up for lack of home delivery.

I initially wanted home delivery as well until this forum convinced me to use the service center and IT WAS AWESOME!

I was tutored by a veteran Roadster owner that nowise Model S convert. He gave us ALL kinds of hints only a long-term owner can give you.

We also saw a Model S "inside-out" as someone's was being serviced and we saw the inside of the machine - also amazing and not possible at home.

We talked with the technicians and made personal connections - important for a car of this caliber.

You could have the reception in the Service Center lot - it is not an ideal location, but this is an amazing vehicle and a high-tech gadget you need to understand to fully enjoy. This is a great learning opportunity - do not miss out on the chance to talk first-hand with prior/current owners. If you want a reception, I suggest you do it after you learn about the car - there is lots to understand.

A reception should also probably be near a parking lot where people can have a drive without endangering the public (or risking novice operation).


Rod in Evergreen, CO

Thank you for the insite. I'm trying to make other arrangements now for all my friends to see it and (maybe) test drive it. I like the idea about a parking lot. I wonder if Wal Mart will mind. I'm way down here in Canon City and I believe we will be the first in our area to have one.

^It is a shame the "no more home delivery" wasn't phased in at some point several weeks, even a month or two down the road.

The grin will return upon driving away with your S, but hang in there and enjoy the experience.

You might try a place that would enjoy the high profile attention you will bring or use it to teach youngsters - like at the high school! We need to use this opportunity to get the next gen interested in their future - EV!

@rodhoffman Yes I agree with you. What a really great idea. I may just do that. Taking delivery today, getting excited.

Have FUN! This will make driving all new for you!

I'm fairly certain I'm getting home delivery in a few weeks here in northern WY and Denver is my "local" store.

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