No more houses "for sale by owner" same principal...what's next?

If auto dealers can keep tesla from selling in there state..what's next...I'll start with:
No more houses "for sale by owner" it's hurting the realtors....

Well Apple is the most obvious comparison people make, but really, any manufacturer that does sales through their own website would work too.

For example, Lego, Samsung, Converse, an Nike are just a few examples I can think of off the top of my head. They all sell items through retailers, but they also operate websites which allow you to buy directly.


good one

Although not strictly online Vs. store, my favorite "non-dealer" distribution disparities are the NC furniture manufacturers, e.g., Bassett, Broyhill, Century, Henredon, Kinkaid and Thomasville to name a few. There are over 200 in NC alone, many of whom have their own factory outlets.

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