Opinions on Interior finishes being cheap?

I might get a lot of backlash for this comment but is it me or do some of the interior features seem cheap and out of wack compared to how well designed the rest of the car is?

1. What is with the seats...Get me some sportier seats that replicate BMW's sport seats...the leather looks cheap in my opinion and especially the back seats make me feel short changed as there's very little luxury feel...

2. Interior door panel - i just don't get the feel of it. I want a sport luxury sedan and i feel like it's a Kia with an attempt to distract the lower quality with sleek design...but i can't get past feeling it with my hands and thinking cheap...

3. Middle console- Are we all just waiting and waiting forever for this third party after market maker to provide consoles for the middle? This is an obvious knock that people talk about all the time so i won't spend too much time on it, but the whole middle console between passenger/driver just plain sucks.

All this being said, i love the drive, love the concept of performance electric and I'm getting the car...I just wish that with such a flawless design on the exterior, that the interior could've met and complemented the car better. Screen is awesome (although i think the UI needs serious work)...i just have to accept that i may be paying for some aftermarket cosmetic upgrades that help with the seats and middle consoles...

An update about using Glad brand "Press 'n Seal" sealing wrap to protect the leather arm rest corners at the door opening. It worked while it remained in place, but unfortunately it doesn't stay over time. Now the thin top coat of leather has chipped off at the corner. A "leather paint" in the exact color of the leather would be the easiest fix.

Pay attention to this area of Model S and try to keep wear to a minimum.

Count me in as a backlasher. I love the simplicity of the inside, and I couldn't care less about not having a center console. I even love the lack of door panel storage you find at the bottom of every other car door. Less places for passengers to stash their trash, and the car is super simple to vacuum out and wipe clean. It's all a matter of personal preference, and I just happen to think Tesla hit a home run.

Love the interior! However, the driver side door armrest came with water spots. My wife thought they might be sweat spots but I am not sure since it is winter. Any suggestions on how to remove these?

digitalsavant@g +1


I am drawn to the open minimalism and would not even consider the console.


I am surprised that you are already seeing significant wear and tear. Any other spots?

It is the interior of the future car it is. As for the center console, I love it as does my wife who puts her purse in it and then takes it with her. I'm selling my prior car now that I have my P85 and filled a whole trash bag with "essential" stuff that I've been dragging around. Glad not to be driving a garbage truck anymore. As for the Victorian plush interiors of other "luxury" cars I and others own, after a week of driving the S it's impossible to see those interiors as they are so dusted I can't even see them in the rear view mirror. While all comments should be encouraged, from the superficiality of most comments I sense that most people don't fathom what is going on here with the leap in technology nor have they floored a P85 with any ICE luxury car in the area. I remain a big ICE car owner and fan of certain ones, but luxury does not involve being blown away at every light and passing opportunity by a Tesla.

Our wives should meet-mine loves the purse space and i figure anything i'd put in a console would more than fit in her purse! I'm not a coffee drinker(and we live in Seattle-go figure-mssed the memo!) so don't miss another cup holder either. Would rather have TM offer parking sensors,blind spot warning in side mirrors and voice activated enhancements and not clutter up interior with oversized console. Just MO.

Yes, I understand Seattle is big on craft beers, too ... But if you drink, don't drive! You might spill some!

Ok I'll bite..

for those of you who don't want the console and door pockets, where do you put things like your sunglasses?
In the hidden door pockets of my car I have a torch, 2 pairs of sunglasses in cases (one for a passenger), a first aid kit, the garage pass to my office, a tyre pressure gauge that I trust, and a pen with paper.

In the glovebox I have a folding knife.

I'd need to store all of that stuff out of sight so that you don't end up with a smashed window for someone trying to steal something.

Mark - do you really need all that stuff. Will it fit in the glove box?
Door pockets were invented for maps... Not needed anymore
Everybody has preferences... I personally enjoy the minimalistic interior, but TM should offer more choices in the future - no dispute about that.
I just hope that TM doesn't take away the clean option in the future. The reason why we ended up with Tesla is... In 2012 we looked at all new ICE cars - all brands - as a replacement for our two aging cars. But we didn't like anything and were totally disgusted with no real technical improvement, instead all this useless added clutter... everything felt so crampt and not needed.

As has been reported elsewhere, there's a black mini-tote ("Reflections") available in Michaels craft stores that fits perfectly under the cubby. That's where I put my mini flash light, tire gauge, dog lead, blah, blah, blah. Nearly invisible and leaves the console area open for my wife's purse, the dog, whatever :-)

second that the center space is PERFECT for purses! no other car I had driven had this great a space.
as for sunglasses, how about that little shelf under the 17" display?
I think the leather quality is fine in my car, I love the Napa white suede and leather combo, and I have the trim for performance.

@Mark E:
My sunglasses either go on my face, or in my pocket. Worst case, hang them from my sun visor if I think I'll want to put them on as I'm driving (which is not recommended).
Pen and Paper? I have a notepad on my iphone for that, plus writing stuff like that I keep in a backpack in my truck. Probably move that to the frunk for convience.
Same for the First Aid pack, car tool kit, and flashlights (always carry two).
Knife is in the glove box, and a second in my pocket.

About the only thing you didn't list is a napkin, which I keep a couple around, and they can also go in the glovebox, or door pocket.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the box of tissues.

Sunglasses live in the car as I generally need them in the morning on the way to work, but not on the way home.
The torch has been incredibly useful more than once. I can see that the torch could live somewhere other than the cabin, but its likely to be underneath the luggage when you need it.
I also have an iphone etc but the notepad is still handy at times.
I don't like having lots of stuff in my pockets, especially my back pocket.

Those with a s already - dont things slide around in the centre console under acceleration/braking? Why wouldn't my wife's purse end up coming out under hard cornering?

I like the clean look, but want the convenience of being able to hide things, while still having access to them.

And don't forget the little pocket on the front of the drivers seat. Perfect for Blink, ChargePoint cards, etc.

Only exists on leather seats.


To those of you concerned with the B-pillar wear and tear, I just received an email from Tesla stating the following:

"Our design and production teams are actively working on an improved design to combat B-pillar wear and tear and a new material may be used for future Model S...There is no way to know if a new solution will be able to be retrofit for current cars at this point in time."

So Tesla acknowledges the problem and a forthcoming fix. Later in the email, they suggest holding off on buying a Model S if you are concerned with wear and scuffing of the B-pillar. So far I must say that Tesla has been very forthcoming about certain issues and in most cases have acknowledged a fix.

Couldn't agree with original writer more. Hit it on the nail. Exterior is great. Drive is great. 17" touchscreen revolutionary. Interior really is weak. I know some people will say they like it but the fact is if the rest of the car was at the same design, usability, and detail quality, Tesla would'nt sell two of these. I'm sure they are working on it for the year 3-4 refresh. No more borrowed parts from Mercedes either please. Really weak for such a game changing and expensive car.

I wish Tesla had stuck with the interior of the concept Model S - it looked much nicer and sportier.

I love the steering-wheel controls from Mercedes. They make the transition from a recent SL500 and my wife's E500 very easy!

I have a Mercedes. It has the exact same gear shift, turn signal, and cruise control stems as the Model S. I am very familiar with the way they work so the transition for me will be easy. They are fine on the Mercedes. (except for the terrible location of the cruise control lever that you hit every time you want to hit the turn signal) However, if I wanted Mercedes parts, I would have bought a Mercedes. This is an original, ground breaking vehicle. All I'm saying is that it should come with original ground breaking parts that match this car, not somebody else's car.

Of course, Mercedes (Daimler) has a 14% ownership interest in Tesla, and Tesla is providing the batteries and drive trains for the new MB B-Class and probably others in future years. Just might have something to do with it...

I guess we could have waited another year for the start of production so Tesla to design and manufacture the minor parts sourced from MB, but the parts look good and are designed well. I have yet to hear of any complaints about these parts failing. I really don't see the issue - most cars have parts sourced from various secondary suppliers, and I'm happy Tesla pick high-quality suppliers like MB.

I think it was smart of Tesla to source parts from Mercedes. They have a partnership, so why not? Besides, I don't own a Mercedes and wouldn't have had any idea if you hadn't mentioned it.

For those still looking for a place to put your stuff... assuming you don't have six kids, may I remind you that that cargo area where the jump seats would normally go under the trunk gives you an absolutely enormous place to store your belongings, previously unheard of in any vehicle. I'm very athletic and go to the beach and train acrobatics a lot so I keep a change of clothes, bathing suit, something warm, beach towel, wet naps, extra water etc. back there and it's all completely hidden from view. Out of sight out of mind until I need it. The air suspension adjusts accordingly and I couldn't be more pleased. One or two pairs of sunglasses can fit in the glove box or just sit in the center, headphones and screen protector go in the front seat pocket, daily use accessories such as meter change container for LA, mints and such hide away under the screen, yoga mat in the frunk along with a cooler in the microwave for fresh seafood and such from the farmers market. All that leaves the P looking immaculate on a daily basis while always having what you need.

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