Opportunity Console

I know that George B. suggested that feedback on the "opportunity console" be posted over at TMC and I'm sure that will happen. But there doesn't seem to be any reason that we can't also post pictures and comments (feedback) right here.

- Has anyone seen the opportunity console yet?
- Is it even being displayed during the test drives today?
- Does anyone have pics?
- What's your opinion of the modular console system, if you've seen it in person?

Those of us who'd like a solution for the central interior space are anxious for info. Thx.

I wasn't going to get in on this, but I do have something to say. What is a car for? Simple question really. At its roots, a car is a vehicle used to transport people from one location to another.
With that purpose firmly in mind, I ask this question seriously: why do people THINK they NEED somewhere in thier car store misc junk? What part of a cars purpose does it serve?

A storage console is a nice to have WANT, not a thing you NEED. I wish people would keep that in mind.

+1 Soflauthor. It is great. I would love to have one of those. I just hope that compliments

@Vawlkus, I understand what you are saying. But then again, cars have long gone from being something to take you from A to B. They (should) have a lot more, and for good reason. Radios, trunks, glove compartments, leather seating, cup-holders, A/C's, panoramic roofs, etc., have made the moving from A to B more and more pleasant and comfortable.

If all that we want is to move from A to B, then we don't have to shell-out > $50,000 to do that. Remember, after all the enthusiasts have purchased their Model S's, Tesla has to compete in the real world, where people want and need these features: Model S being electric is just an afterthought.

In the real world, Model S is a luxury premium car, which happens to be electric. And it competes with other premium cars, which offer a whole lot of options (some as upgrades).

These may be wants for some but are needs for some others. I, for one, need a place to put things. And I will get some after market compartment (which may ruin the interior). A storage is a NEED for me. Especially, if I travel long distances - I need a place to put a water bottle, my wallet, my cell phone, my sunglasses, change for parking, kleenex, etc. By the way, none of these are junk.

~ Prash.

PS: I think we have beaten this topic to death. Let's just wait and see what is available and take it from there.

@Vawlkus ... do you not have kids? do you not have a wife?

Do you not carry a pen, change, a charge cord, a tissue, anything? Or, you just jump in an go with pockets full crap and make do till you get to your destination. Well if that's the case, more power to you. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we need places to put stuff.

There are some things I like to leave in the car: gloves, ice scraper, wheel lock socket, phone charge cord, kleenex and napkins, dust mop, etc. Putting these things on the floor in plain sight doesn't seem all that sensible to me.

@Vawlkus, there are only two things you really NEED, food and shelter (for preventing environment from killing you). You don't even need shelter if environment is not hostile. Everything else is something you WANT.

Need is relative thing. You don't actually need a car. You don't need even shoes. Or pockets in your pants. You do want them, because they make moving and storing bits and pieces easier. I need storage in console for those bits and pieces I carry with me, be it wallet, raincoat, umbrella, a gizmo I just bought, laptop or tablet, gloves, ice scraper or anything I just don't want to waste time to put into trunk (or frunk).

I think we have beaten this topic to death. (prash)

I agree, but still I would like to give some comment.
I used to have this plastic foldable box that I kept in the trunk. It kept things like umbrella, ice scraper, gloves, etc. This could be perfectly kept in the square space in the frunk. The present space between the seats is comfortable enough for all other stuff like wallet, change and sunglasses. In my opinion. Just wait and see what junk you can trow out the box after one year. Hilarious...

Different people, different needs. Tesla is "acrossing the bridge" for those who have a different need than standard created. Respect ! Way to go ...

Some people have a larger "cloud" of debris, detritus, and accessories surrounding them as they move about than others. Everyone thinks his/her level is about right, and rational, and looks askance at others' strange tastes and habits. It will always be thus.

Please can we have an Update on the Factory "Opportunity Console". When will we see the final product? When will it be ready?


Bad form to post the exact same thing on (at least) 3 different threads. You're going to get flagged as spam if not careful.

I was not even thinking about Spaming. I am just trying to get a reply from TM and heat this up again so we see and hear something official. I just don't see this being talked about. I am maybe two months away and would like to get it with the car.

you will not get it with the car! if you order a thing without another thingy, it is very unlikely you will get the other thingy. Do you think TM is your mother and they just want to make sure your happy?

It's my guess that TM is focusing on the Model S roll-out and that the opportunity console may have been placed on the back burner, at least for now -- but that's just conjecture.

I can tell you unequivocally that work on the first aftermarket addition to the opportunity console—the center console insert (CCI)—is progressing well, that our alpha prototype will be fabricated this week, and barring last minute issues, that the final CCI product will be released on schedule in late December (2012).

For more information, visit

I seen yours, I must admit it looks much better than before. I will buy the CCI if TM does not complete theirs.

For those of you who have been following my work on the Center Console Insert (CCI) and for those who are new to the idea, I've posted another monthly report over at TMC on our progress on the only formally announced element of the opportunity console.

You can read it here:

In the report, we talk about progress toward the final product, minor design mods, production strategies, and reference new pics of a pre-alpha prototype. I hope you take a look.

Any updates on the Tesla version of this console?

I asked TM awhile back, maybe 4-5 weeks ago, they said the design is complete and just waiting to be approved by TM. If you email them maybe you'll get a date. I would love to see it in my new MS.

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