Parcel shelves are shipping

Just got mine today! Its a well designed piece. It stays in place with guides that follow the rails on the car. It folds in half, and when flat, it seals perfectly with hatchback.

And the smell?

That's what my wife noticed... It smells like new car!
She also noticed that it has magnetic hold-downs in the corners to keep it from flopping around when you drive.

Was it mailed to you, or did you pick it up?

Didn't order it originally, and now cannot order it online :(

We had it ordered with the car. It was on our duebill at delivery time. I'm sure they will get all current duebill orders out of the way, then work on stocking them for new orders.
It came by fed ex in a flat box, the size of the shelf.

Mine smells like a dead animal that fell into a chemical vat! It's been sitting in the garage to 'air out'. I will check it tonight, but if it's not much better then it doesn't go in my Model S.

Did anyone get one that does not smell awful?

@cfriedberg - I'm reasonably sure you'll be able to at some point. No reason not to.

Cool, I hope I get mine soon.

My parcel shelf also smells so bad that I had to take it out of the car and put it in the garage. Hopefully the nasty chemical smell will subside quickly.

Received mine today...didn't notice an odor.

....air freshened Elon bobble head might fix this!

Rinse with peroxide, let dry. "Burns" away organic molecules of all description.

Had to put my nose near the shelf to notice the aroma of new car.

Mine does not have any metal at the rear corners to hold the floppy part of the shelf down on the track with the magnets that are in the track. Place a metal object (like a screwdriver) on the track and notice the gripping power of the magnet on each side. Without the metal in the shelf, this is going to bounce and make sound while driving.

Anyone notice that the 'studio-sound-system' sounds a little better with the parcel shelf installed?

Maybe it's just me, however, with the parcel shelf installed, I notice that the sound is less hollow, and a bit tighter. Which makes sense, as the high and mid frequencies have less area to travel, and thus the shelf acts as a baffle.

Also, being I got my Lloyds Ultamats at the same time (which is added insulation), both may factor in to improve the acoustics in the my car.

Received my parcel shelf today and am disappointed in the fit and finish of this product. I have no metal on the shelf delivered but the magnets on the track are there. I would have preferred both sides of the shelf to have the carpet on it. Mine only has smooth fabric on the top side.

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