Petition S-Curve Growth

It is impressive how the S-Curve Growth took place with the petition once it reached a critical mass to people who referred other people. I think the same thing will happen with Model S, X... even without GenIII. Supercharger will add to the network effect, eliminating range anxiety and driving demand. Meanwhile, economies of scale will drive prices down and stimulating demand further. That is before the 500 mile battery reaches the market.

Investing is about anticipating.

Yeah, over halfway there, 54,647.

Passed 2/3, >69K as of Sunday morning. Need about 6,000/day before July 5th.

Yeah, a two-day sample (18K and 25K) is encouraging but not statistically significant! But a couple more of those and we're there.

70k so far at 2:15 EST. Need to post the link is various forums, Facebook, etc. Anybody in TV, radio, talk shows? Got to turn the tables on the car peddlers.

Push on Seeking Alpha by Julian Cox:

His referenced earlier article, on Tesla's upper hand in the disruption game, is a must-read, too:

It looks like rate of new signatures is slowing down. Tomorrow we will find out if the weekday improves the rate. Otherwise, it will hard to get 100,000. I am going to talk a few more people into signing. I think people are concerned about privacy these days.

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