Q4 results

Heard a little rumor a press release on Q4 numbers is coming out soon... Did anyone else hear this?

I check TM stock price often, and wish it to go down every time so my automatic buy will pick up more shares. The lower the stock price, the happier I am.

The revelation of information and transparency as they now begin to actually make and sell thousands of cars a quarter is very relevant. Never has tesla been at this point in its history, so it is very important to make an extra effort to address issues early. Better for Tesla to control the direction of its own narrative as opposed to naysayers or it will affect stock price. And if the price goes down significantly and they need to raise money through an additional offering at a discounted price, then your five year time horizon might have to be revised as would mine.

Apple is no comparison so that's not a fair example of Tesla's situation...

Nothing is really known about Q4 until Feb 11. I wish Elon would keep to that more or allow Tesla to make an official statement of some kind to shareholders directly.


+ 1 (at least for the near term) lol!!

I don't think the stock price affects TMC's demand for cash, which is driven by sales, operations, and product development. It will only be an issue if they have to make another offering.

I agree with gangawu on all counts. Deliveries, reservation rates and production are already baked into the cake. I believe the stock is priced to reflect a successful 2013 with 20k cars delivered at 25% GM (previously stated goals). So while the Q4 numbers probably won't have an effect on the price, guidance could. If we were to hear 30k cars per year or better than expected GM, that would help.

My concerns are with the reports of delivery inefficiencies, like due bill items that have to be shipped later (HPWC, grey 21" wheels for a while, seats, detail jobs) and warranty work. Those are issues that will hopefully clear up but also become more challenging as more cars are delivered into the field.

Other questions I have are regarding the build out of service centers and supercharger stations and the costs/progress of completing them.

Overall, I am encouraged by the success and limited number or failures so far in the ramp. I think there's a good chance we see unexpected upside events, like word of mouth leading to spikes in reservations in the near future, or an acquisition in the distant future.

Disclosure, I own a Jan call that will probably expire worthless. I expect my finalize button to appear before then (Friday).

Heard Tesla will not report Q4 earnings on Monday... Does anyone know if this true?

On the Yahoo Finance page, they seemed to think it was happening.

Yes, well, yahoo isn't really tops when it comes to financial reporting. According the wall street journal, the earnings announcement will be sometime between the 11th and the 18th. Tesla hasn't yet issued a press release announcing the date.

"While some sources have said Tesla would report on Monday, the company told IBD Friday that it had not yet confirmed a report date. It likely will report soon, in any case."

Bimoes, Greg -- thanks for the info

Tesla confirmed to IBD late Friday that the company would report Monday morning.

Can you provide a link please? There is still no press release and nothing on the investor web page:

There're a couple of shareholder disclosures for Feb. 7. Deepak sold 5000 shares at $39.50, and bought 5000 at $14.17 under a warrant. Kimball Musk sold 3846 shares at $39.467, and bought none.

But no statements about Feb. 11 ....

That would be great if true. Then conference call Monday after close

Look forward to the earnings call guidance tomorrow... Hope to hear a nice surprise or two...

nnt - Why do you care? None of them had door pockets.

nnt- yea, and the windshields are gonna crack. So why are you here?

According to a Form 13G filed with the SEC on Feb. 14, 2013, Fidelity Investments has taken a 15% (14.99) stake in Tesla.

Twitter to a CEO is like a like a telephone to a scorned drunk ex-girlfriend. Always regret using it the morning after... Please Elon dont get into it will trolls anymore!

@ jackhub

institutional investors are listed here and updated every 3 months (just got an update a few days ago)

@Nicu, Thanks, that could reduce searcing for past actions. The Tesla investor site-bottom right of any Tesla site page- lists their filings when they make them. RSS feeds, too.

Surprise #1: profitable in Q1...

You can read the 4th quarter shareholder letter here:'12%20SHL%20022013%20final.pdf

Surprise #2: ended the year with 221 in cash. This will make a lot of nay sayers very unhappy.

Yeah, feel kind of upbeat about these results. Everything was a just a little worse than I expected except the fact that they will be slightly profitable in Q1 and solid cash levels. That kind of outweighs everything, but I was a little suprised by the cancellation rate and that they only delivered 2650 cars for the year. Not bad by any means though and very prmising for the future.

Surprise #3: no mention of model x

NO MENTION OF RIGHT HAND DRIVE!! How disappointing! They are starting off in China, but those of us who have been reservation holders and shareholders since early 2011, (and before) not a single mention. Are they planning to actually go with right hand drive at all? Yes, they announced late 2013 in England when they announced the start of European sales, but our rep here in Australia was terminated as there were no plans to further promote sales here.
Tesla needs to be more upfront with us and perhaps allow us the opportunity to reclaim our reservation moneys! Yes, i know those of you in the USA waited up to 3 years and perhaps a bit more, but at least you knew they were definitely coming. None of your reps were laid off.

@sayldreddy - they produced 3100 cars for the year, so it was just getting the paperwork completed with buyers and getting them out the door that was the problem -- I know in my case, it was a very last-minute affair (got notice on Saturday 12/29, wired the money on 12/31, it was on the truck on 12/31). Yeah, I saw the 3100 prodution number and agree that its a good number, but I was really hoping for something more like 3000 deliveries and 3700-3800 production for 2012. Overall, though, it really doesn't matter that much and maybe those expectations were a little too optimistic.

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