rear seat cupholders?

I was in a dealership and I did not see any rear seat cupholders. Are they just hidden somewhere?

They do not exist at this time.

There aren't any, but since I don't let anyone eat or drink in my Tesla no one has complained. Not about the cupholders anyway.

They will be added in a future software update. :)

If you add the CCI to provide a convenient front seat one, the two inconveniently placed at the rear of the armrests can be used by back seat passengers.

@Brian H, nice! Pay hundreds of dollars to further inconvenience passengers. :)

Further inconvenience passengers? The existing cupholders are too far back for the driver, but right in front of the back seat riders.


You are aware the cupholders are located on the front of each armrest? Although inconvenient for front seat passengers in seat-forward positions, they are certainly not easily accessible from a backseat sitting position.

Well, I think they are perfectly positioned. Well, if my elbow ever gets thirsty!

I got my rear cupholders with software update 4.5. Awesome.

PD - my 4.5 update was disrupted, and I only got 1 cupholder :-(

Am a bit worried that with the download next try, if it will remedy this. Will let all know tomorrow morning how it turns out.

Aw man, when will I get 4.5? I'm sure I deserved to get it before you because of my [pick one] VIN/reservation date/delivery date/geography/etc. :-)

@BrianH - I've heard the CCI may be adding/introducing a matched version for the back:

Fortunately 4.5 loaded flawlessly for me, and I have both rear cupholders and the rear window opens automatically for easy access to drive-thru pickups. The problem I am having now is when I order a coke at the drive-thru, I receive a random coke product and not always the exact one that I ordered. They want $9.99 to update to the premium drive thru service.

With 4.6, the windshield will lift for your drive-thru convenience.

@alsettesla - The "random coke" problem is a known issue. It serves up the coke "station," but not necessarily the precise drink you ordered. That will be fixed in a future update.

You guys kill me.

Coke now appears as "caffeine-containing liquid". Blame the lawyers.

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