Ruined pants

Has anybody had the problem of ruined pants with black marks on right pant leg? So far I have ruined several pair of pants and can't figure out how it happens.
Fred S

does this have anything to do with your Model S?

@MNGreene Hilarious!


Did you wear the black pants?

Be grateful it's just black marks and no lipstick.

...ruining the very pants you were about to return...

Every one is taking this as a joke...I guess it's hard not to, but actually, the MS is the first car I haven't had that problem in. For me it came from having something in my right pants pocket...usually the cell phone... that rubbed against the steering wheel. I tend to keep the steering wheel lower than most folks.
Now back to the jokes...are you sure the marks were black?

Skidmarks, time to swap in a new set of tighty whities.

do you have a center console?

Next time, try lifting the car with your left hand and see if the black mark shifts to your left leg.

baby lifter

I had a passenger that almost ruined their pants when I didn't provide pre-acceleration warning.

It happens when you have something in your right pocket and your leg runs against the steering wheel when entering or exiting the car. Happens to me too.


What is the point to your post?


Where are the marks on your pants? Up high? Down low? In front? In back? What kind of seats in your Model S? Why do you think the marks are related to your Tesla? (Assuming you're not just asking for sartorial advice regardless of car driven?)

I have had exactly the same problem with black marks mysteriously showing up at about the bottom of my pockets on my tan golf shorts. Since I've had this problem much longer than I've had my tesla, I must assume it is not caused by the car. I think they are caused by rubbing the steering wheel as I get in an out of the golf cart. I don't seem to get them when someone else drives, or I walk.

It usually washes out. Of course most all of my pants are wash and wear.

I have the same problem, but I blame it on the sweater I got for my birthday.

The only pants I've ever ruined happened 1) on I8 west into San Diego when three bags of ready-mix fell off a truck in front of me. 2) On 60 west into Phoenix when a large two-wheel hand cart, not secured in a pickup was lifted out of the bed by aerodynamic force and went about 40' into the air, up and over my car and into the hood of an unmarked DPS car behind me.

@johncrab, wow, that is serious.
I'm thinking of all the recliners, bbq hoods, full tire rims, etc, I've seen in the fast lanes around San Diego. I am paranoid about small pick-up trucks or other vehicles bearing inadequately secured household goods and promptly change lanes to avoid the hazards.

Especially at night.

@sbeggs - Yeah, scary. It's one of the reasons why I'm rather timid about driving at night. In incident #2, the hand cart crushed the hood of the DPS cruiser and bounced into the median. I moved over a lane to give a very angry cop a straight run at the guy. The Crown Vic can really move.

The hood on the car in front of me flew off and missed my car by inches. Most Darwin award winners were also drivers, unfortunately.

@hcwhy ~ Not "drivers". Vehicle operators.

And here I thought this was going to be about all the passengers that you took for a ride and ruined their pants due to the excitement.

My sweater got pretty excited.

Breaking scandal: Use of Tesla has been known to set pants on fire:

Maybe it's the EMF waves...

TSLA certainly sets shorts on fire,,,,

I ruined my pants when I heard about the new drivetrain warranty!

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