The screens are too bright at night!

I find that the screens - both the 17" and dashboard- are too bright at night, even when turned down all the way. It's especially noticeable when driving in unlit rural areas. I get reflections of the dashboard screen off the windshield. And even without that, the screens inside are just too bright, distracting from the road and contributing to visual fatigue.

Can anyone explain to me why they don't allow us to turn the brightness down on the 17" further, or even better allow us to turn it off altogether? I can think of many reasons why this would be a helpful feature, and zero reasons why not to implement it. It makes absolutely no sense to me, seems like a big safety hazard, and just drives me crazy.

Are you set in night mode for the display? You can force the display to be in day mode all the time, and then brightness may be an issue. But if you put it in Auto or even manually in night mode, I cannot possibly see how it is too bright even in pitch dark night with nothing but starlight. I set it to around 28% along coastal freeway, and no issues.

Unless you have a faulty display, and then it is a service call.

Second, reflection off the windshield ?!???? unless you wear a reflective coat, that is impossible due to geometry. Wonder whether this post is bogus. Make it private to show that you at least made a downpayment.

No, it does reflect off the windshield sometimes. Doesn't bother me though. Somebody here created a web page that is almost completely black. Make that full screen and your troubles are over.

Try this:

Direct reflection off the windshield is impossible. Consider angle of incidence = angle of reflection, and it cannot possibly work. Accordingly, IFF there is a reflection off the windshield, either it is a different source (other car's light from back, ...) or display is reflected off something else inside the car. For the latter, there will be strong light attenuation and scattering on dull surface (e.g., white shirt), unless reflected surface is a perfect mirror. Still, don't buy it. Sorry. Side windows, no problem, but not on the windshield.

If one wears glasses, then there may be some effect on the glasses that may appear to be from the windshield. Aerial image off eye glasses should rather add general haze but no recognizable patterns due to limited distance accommodation and depth of field (at night with open iris). Optical errors in human eye are more pronounced at night due to open iris, specifically astigmatism may make things look more blurry/hazy/dual-image at night. Has nothing to do with car.

I think the paranoia about bogus posts is a little silly. Look at my posts, I've been on here for months. Have had my car for about 4 weeks, and yes like everyone else I love it. I've posted photos of my dog in the car over at TMC. I'd be a serious 'deep cover' agent if this were all some kind of fake. Silly.

Yes, I'm using it in night mode. In "regular" cars I definitely prefer to turn the brightness down on the dash illumination more than most people do. I guess I'm sensitive that way. But it definitely bothers me in this car, again primarily when Im driving in the country at night (don't notice it in the city). And the reflections are pretty mild, only at the top of the windshield. Im short and adjust the seat as high as it can go, which obviously affects the reflection angle. In any case that's actually less distracting to me than the overall amount of light generated by the screens when I have it turned all the way down to 10%.

Each to his own, in terms of brightness. Which gets me back to my original point / question: why not just let me turn the 17" screen off!? Seems so obviously something youd normally allow, that there must be some reason for not doing so.

And if not, then please allow this functionality in later software updates!

(OT: how do you post to the board privately? And why? Aren't we a little
past the early stage of being worried about scaring people off? This is like the most celebrated car on the planet at this point.)

@stimeygee...I agree with u they should give you a way to turn it off the computer completely or at least the screen light. But when it comes to your dashboard screen it should have a minimum brightness level set for safety reasons.

And yes I've seen Tesla tap dark. But that's an extra few steps, and anyway if you're in rural areas without cell coverage, it doesn't do you any good.

They set the volume go to 11, which is awesome. So why not let the screen brightness go to 0? Just aesthetically and logically, the idea that the lowest setting is 10% seems wrong to me. Should be 0%! At least give me the choice!

At the risk of repeating myself which clearly I am.

Yes, I understand why the dashboard light has to have a minimum brightness. I'd prefer it to be a little darker but whatever. It's the 17" not having an off setting that has me confounded.

@stimeygee....I am sure they will add an off setting for the 17" in one of their updates soon....cheeerio.....

From your keyboard to Tesla's ears!

Hi 'deep cover' agent stimeygee :)

I drive overnight quite often from Orange County to Oakland/San Francisco/Sacramento, CA to be there on time for morning appointment and I have no problem with the display.

If I turn it down enough, I can't even read "June 15" on the instrument panel because its font is just too dark and too small for my senior citizen's eyes.

I never notice the display's reflection on the windshield before because of my angle of sitting.

Now, that you mentioned, I pull my back awkwardly all the way forward, then yes, I can see the reflection.

It's a matter of ignoring the distractions because interior brightness is not only a source but headlights, especially, some with high beam, from opposite directions are also a problem.


If on the home forum page you do notvseevthecsection of clubs then you do not have access to the owners' forums. Call tesla and they'll turn the access on for you . . . If you're really one of us. :-)

Capability of having option to 'sleep mode' after a time period in the 'night mode' which turns 17" off completely.

Touching screen brings back to life.

Would be a nice 'update' feature.

Why don't you just turn the 17" screen off. The off switch is on the display controls page. Touch the screen and it comes back on.

I didn't know about that off! Ill check it out next time I'm
the car, thanks.

Id still like it more easily and obviously reachable; but that's great to know. (And why didn't anyone else mention this earlier? I wonder if maybe its not widely known.)

And about the owners section - I'm sorry, where am I supposed to be seeing it? I know they had some confusion with me having two accounts when I called for a service thing, I wonder if that's screwing it up.

You can always tint your display with whichever % visibility you desire. I would apply a screen filter before applying the tint.

David Trushin where is that off switch ??????

@David Trushin - That turns the whole car off; you can't drive when you push the Control button to turn off power. Is there another button I don't know about?

This duscussion is similar to aircraft talk. Do you like glass instrument systems or the traditional type w/individual instruments? Tesla had brought flying to the highway.

One thing is true: The Tesla S dash is controversial.

My mistake. I only used it once to clean the screen. That didn't work either.

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