Signature or S Performance

For about the same amount of money, you can get either an S Performance model or a Signature, if you have a reservation, obviously. (The Signature Performance is just too expensive). Do you wait for the standard S Performance or do you jump at the chance to get a Signature? Right now, I think I am leaning towards the Performance. It might not be one of the first 1,000 off the line, but it might actually be less common than a Signature. Any thoughts?

My reasoning would be that the value of getting the car early fades with time very quickly. The acceleration would be there time and time again.

I'm buying the "too expensive" Signature Performance. That said, given only the two options you're presenting, it depends on how important the features of the Performance are to you.

Possible Advantages:

- possibly better seats with deeper and thicker bolsters convered in tough Alcantara suede-like material that might be in a different color from the rest of the seats.

- Save $1,500 on options. Of course, if you wouldn't have bought some of the options (like the 21" wheels), then it's not much of a bargain.

- Carbon fiber trim. If, like me, you love CF, then this is a big win!

- CF exterior accents. Again, big win if you love CF! Also makes the car a bit more unique on the road, especially if you choose a white or silver color exterior.

- acceleration, duh!

Possible Disadvantages:

- More wear on the tires from your more lively driving skillz.

- Possibly stiffer suspension, making for a firmer ride, especially with 21" low-profile tires.

- No accent option other than CF

- Deeper bolsters (sport seats), can make it more difficult to get in and out of the car for some folks.

- Delay in getting the car, duh!

I would recommend waiting for the new Design Studio before making your decision. Given only those two options, personally, I would drop down to the performance version in a heartbeat!

That's easy....Performance all the way. Although, unless you're not getting any other options, you start to edge closer and closer to the Sig Performance version pretty quickly.

I was in the same boat as you. I had a signature reservation but switched to regular so that I could get the performance. I'll have to wait longer but I'll have the car I want in the color I want (green) and wait 6-8 more months.

Get the performance.

@mycroft, the options page doesn't list cf exterior accents for the non sig performance.

@clea: Yes, it does, fourth bullet-point down below $84,900.

Seems like everyone is looking at this the same way I am. The worst part of getting the Performance model is now I have to explain to my wife why I upgraded to the Signature model in October and yet now I might not want one!

Just tell her that the pricing came out and downgrading is the better financial decision.

Justifying spending less money is seldom a problem in my household!

I still don't believe there will be no extra option for the Signature. (only happy surprises)

I'll keep the reservation for the Signature and take the Performance anyway

"Yes, it does, fourth bullet-point down below $84,900."

my bad, you are right i was only looking at the points below the "Included Upgrades" which is where i expected to find it ...

"I still don't believe there will be no extra option for the Signature. (only happy surprises)

I'll keep the reservation for the Signature and take the Performance anyway"

That's the spirit Froq! It's only money after all, and we can't take it with us! :-D

I'm now considering more the Performance, than the Signature since the price come out.

I can wait 3 more month... after waiting for 3 years, that's not much.

Still Sig #5 ...

Yeah, I opted to de-sig and get the Performance model. I'm pretty happy with my decision.

"Is that your final de-sigcion?"

Sorry! \8-p

Oops, misspelled. Obviously should be "de-sigsion".

What's the de-sig count up to now, I wonder ...


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