slow fan motor?

Has anyone else noticed a slow climate control fan? Even if I turn mine all the way up, with it directed to just the dash vents, and whether I have recirculation and/or A/C on, it is not only (wonderfully) quiet but does not seem to blow much air. Seems maybe half what I'd expect when on high.. I'm thinking maybe mine is not quite right.

Check to see if you accidentally have range mode on or if your battery is low; either slow the fan...a lot!

Battery is charged and range mode is off, hmmm...

You might check to see if your AC is in eco mode too.

If that doesn't resolve the fan concern, here is something else to consider:

I know that there were some tweaks to the climate control system in one of the recent updates. You might check to see which version of firmware your car is running and mention it to OE when you talk with them about your fan. They may decide to push the most recent update to you if you don't have it or, they may potentially tweak the fan's settings in future updates if it isn't performing optimally yet.

That is why it is important to call Tesla about even the little things. They take the feedback and put the info to work to continuously improve the car. They optimize on the fly. They are fine tuning our systems all the time. The first step in the process is informing them so that they get a good picture of what needs adjustment. It is one of the most awesome things about the car and Tesla. It keeps getting better!

ummmm.......if you don't see much difference with the lower setting, it's probably a hardware issue specifically a Fan Resistor issue...very easy fix...change a small would take about 5 to 10 minutes.........

It may be too soon to worry about this, but small household fans run continuously develop gunge loads on the blades, and elsewhere. They can get unbalanced, slow, noisy, etc. unless cleaned.

also, my wife has a tendency to adjust the fan speed which I never do. The result is everything looks to be in "auto" when the fan is in fact in "manual" and thus stuck at whatever speed was set. I've taken to getting in my car, opening the ac window and making sure all the adjustments are in auto by pressing auto at the top. This is probably not your problem but it did have me scratching my head for a day :)

aha, I was wrong, Range Mode was on.. and it does warn about reduction in environmental control when turned on. I don't recall turning it on.. may have been on since I picked it up!

Anyway, if you've got this issue, check your Range Mode.

Good to hear that we sorted things out for ya!

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