Tesla and CHAdeMo ?


is Tesla compatible with the CHAdeMO standard, that will be used in europa?

This is the only standard that will be used in austria/europa for the moment.

The carding station can have 1x50KW or 2x50KW.

kind regards from austria


update: Elon Musk say in this Video, that CHAdeMO will work with every car deliverd in europa:

yea, this is very poor confirmation if it's not on the web...

Thanks to VB for his search capabilty which I bookmarked and use to find this thread. prevented another thread to start.

Happy to see that somebody from the ownership experience team acknoldeges that this will be possible.

I wwanted to future proof my car and chose the SC option. However, I don't believe the SC network will hit Canada soon. So this is technically possible, isn't it?

Alike the J1772, 14-50, TMS charger plug


There are due to be 3 SCs in Canada within a year, and several more within 2 years after that.

Just got a call from TM, Cameron from the "buildmyModelS" team and he said it is a pure gamble for me to go with the SC option. They have no information on future adapter for any other L3 standards. Now, he said that TM is normally really receptive to make the life of their customers easier and if an adapter to ChadeMo or else would exist then they likely make it available.

BrianH, they might put 3 in Canada and then a couple of others but if they are not well positioned for me i.e. not in the Quebec City - Montreal corridor or if they only put one SC between Montreal and Toronto (545 km) then this $2500 tax in option is useless.

In Tennesse we have 14 CHAdeMO charging station in operation and not even a hint of a Tesla Supercharger. It would open many possibilities if Tesla offered an adapter. While not as fast as the Tesla brand it would be FAR better than nothing or the 6kw J-1772 options that are available.

Dhrivnak, exactly my point, I believe non-Telsa level 3 chargers have more chances of bieng rolled out at convenient places for me than Tesla's SC.

Hence my hesitation of going Supercharger option if TM don't plan to have adapter.

Now, Apple which has more propriotary gizmos than anybody else, ends up with zillions of adapters to match their standard to the worl standard.

I can't believe TM can't do it


Hello Alexander,

please contact me, we working on a solution for loading TESLA Model S and Model X fast in Austria. My Mail is!

likeitgreen (Alexander Krenn)

I have been driving my 85 kWh Model S over various routes in the state of Washington, trying to scope out how easy or hard it will be to take road trips. I can tell you that a CHAdeMO adapter would make a MAJOR difference to the usability of the Model S for travel beyond its home base. This is true because of both the ubiquity of CHAdeMO charge stations and the time it will take to deploy the supercharger network. On several occasions, I have wanted to extend my drive or take an alternate route, but have been unable to do so because I didn't have the range and didn't want to wait several hours to add 50 or 75 miles at a standard Level 2 charge station. Yet in each case, there was an available CHAdeMO station that would have satisfied this need. The SC network won't be operational in Washington for a year or two, but even when it is, it will probably not cover the state the way CHAdeMO stations do now. I would happily pay $1,000 or more for a CHAdeMO adapter.

I assume you mean "charging"? "Loading" in English does not mean that; it refers only to solid objects, not electricity.

What's the stats on CHAdeMo for current & voltage? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was very low power output compared to other types, but I can't remember that well.

Vawlkus, CHAdeMO is usually 50kW power source, however theoretically it can go up to 62.5kW with currently used standard.
Voltage is up to 500V and current is up to 125A.

FYI, the audio podcast in the link above is just the soundtracks of the 2 videos below it, stitched together.

I hope we will be able to get a CHAdeMO adapter to increase our charging flexibility.

DC/DC Voltage changes are messy.

@Brian H | JANUARY 12, 2013: DC/DC Voltage changes are messy.

The CHAdeMO protocol communicates the max voltage and current that is required via CAN bus. Luckily, there is no need to do DC to DC voltage conversion. See

Sorry, I misunderstood a previous comment! What time would it take a CH charger to match the ~50% charge in ½ hr a S/C provides? About 1 hr?

@ Brian H | JANUARY 12, 2013: What time would it take a CH charger to match the ~50% charge in ½ hr a S/C provides? About 1 hr?

A typical CHAdeMO station is 50KW. A Supercharger is 90KW - so under 1 hr would be about right. The CHAdeMO connector can handle 200A at 500V, so it could theoretically deliver 100KW. But that would dependent on battery voltage.

@Alex K

Connector maybe can handle 200A, however communication protocol supports only 125A. That's why it is teoretically ony 62.5kW (500V*125A). Maybe some newer version of CHAdeMO is solved this, I don't know about any.

So that means in effect CHAdeMO takes about 3X as long to deliver an equivalent charge vs Superchargers? And about 50% more than an 80A AC feed using dual chargers?

A tweet came through recently that Teslas in Japan will have a CHAdeMO adapter included.

"A tweet came through recently that Teslas in Japan will have a CHAdeMO adapter included."

Does this mean that on a North American CHAdeMO station we could theoretically purchase and use the same adapter the Japanese will receive? If so, that is great news. I would definitely be interested. :-)

@ Jolinar | JANUARY 13, 2013: Connector maybe can handle 200A, however communication protocol supports only 125A. That's why it is teoretically ony 62.5kW (500V*125A). Maybe some newer version of CHAdeMO is solved this, I don't know about any.

I don't have a copy of the CHAdeMO spec, but the CHAdeMO organization is looking forward to an increase to 200A:
In the future, as the price of the power units continues to decrease and the performance of the battery continues to improve, faster and higher power chargers be eventually necessary. In fact, the geometry of CHAdeMO connector is designed to allow for 200A, which means it can almost double its power level.

@Alex K
I don't have it too, that's why I gave you link to wiki :)

The problem is; having to rely 100% on TC being installed, when travelling in Europe. Driving past Chademo chargers on a roadtrip, would be a real bummer!! Chademo is compatible to 5 or 6 different EV brands, but not Tesla ... Why deviate or seperate from the rest of the EV market? Why not join the rest and provide the TC as a bonus for Tesla owners!!! The Model S & X would be superior to the competition anyway. I suppose the ultimate question is this: WHEN can i take my Model S from Norway to south of France and not having to spend overnights every 480 km? Is it viable? Will they be installed along the german autobahn or country road reststops? However, there are rumors on the web that Chademo might be compatible to Tesla in Japan. It is a true dissapiontment if there is no adaptor to the existing EV infrastructure, regardsless of how amazing the Model S is. I understand that the advantage of the TC is great for Tesla owners, but having to follow the TC roadmap on every trip you take ??

Dude, they ARE working on an adapter. It's just not ready yet.

What is the charge voltage for the S85?
If it is 500v then you should be able to charge at 62.5kW right now.
However, I seem to remember that it was 375v (someone please verify). If so then it would be only capable of charging at 46.8kW. Still over half as fast as the supercharger for a half charge and even better than that for a full charge because the supercharger slows down the charge rate when it gets fuller.
If these were CHAdeMO chargers become ubiquitous ie. in hotels and malls everywhere (as is already the case I believe in Japan), along with the Tesla supercharger network, it would make EV travel as easy as it is with and ICE (IMO)

The supercharger does not slow down near full. The car battery management slows the charge to protect the battery regardless the source or amount of available electricity. When (if) there is a CHAdeMO charger regardless of it's charge rate it will also slow down.

True, but the CHAdeMO will be charging at its full rate for longer because its max rate is lower.

Did you hear in US about the new Universal connector, that the EU forces now?

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