Tesla Model S = the best-selling car in Norway!

With a market share of 6.1% it out-sold the VW Golf (4,9%) and the Mazda CX-4 (4,2%) for the period 01.09 - 09.09.

That is pretty amazing! :-) Congratulations Tesla!


@Benz thanks

The sales numbers are mainly due to subsidies over other cars (lack of taxes). Cars are bloody expensive in Norway but electric vehicles are excepted from pretty much every one of them (VAT, road taxes etc).
I know most americans despise taxes, however these provide free health care, schools etc.

Pricing examples:
- P85: $ 101 000
- Panamera GTS: $ 313 000
- Golf GTI: $ 81 000
- BMW 750xi: $ 266 000

Hoping Gen3 can compete without too much of a head start.

@Skjervesbu: MS can already compete without a head start!! They go like hotcakes in the US even though you get punished for buying an EV in some states. Some states charge extra annual registration tax for EVs and here in NYC, EV charging is way more expensive than gas.

What you have in Norway is just gravy making them obviously even easier to move, but please don't say MS needed a head start to sell.

Good news all round.

At that rate I can see millions of Model S's!

Too bad for us over here but seriously can we blame Tesla? You do not even need to advertise or anything just get them over there! Not much more than a Golf!

NYC Realtor: No hard feelings here, we can all be friends ...

The irony of it all is that Norway is making most of it's money selling oil&gas.

The people in Norway are in a very good economical position. And that's the result of the right decisions they have made in the past. So, the Norwegians have earned their current positive economical situation.

The Norwegian mag has a Feb article on the Broder fight: Wet Gunpowder against Tesla. Nice!

Brian, if I click on it, all I see is cars from the IAA in Frankfurt. Correct me if I am wrong.

@Fredlambert; you may quote me on whatever you prefer when it comes to the S... :)

As for most Norwegians purchasing the performance-version I would agree that is correct for the time being. I was one of the first, and perhaps also one of the VERY few 60-customer here in Norway...

Me, being a cost/value-oriented type of person, did not see sufficient advantages reflecting the increased cost based on my personal needs / economy when I decided on the spec. I do, however, WANT the P85 BAAADLY, especially now after having fallen totally in love with my 60... :) There´s no doubt in my mind the P85 is the best deal EVER if you´re looking for an insanse sports-sedan...


Yes, I mean the Model X. 4WD Compact SUVs are in much higher demand here than large sports sedans.

No way!!

(Sorry, I just had to say that ;-) )

I have said some this in the Norwegian EV forum before, but I'll say it here as well.

The 60kWh TMS is an excellent buy, and it is a mistake for people to think that to get a "proper" car or a "real" Tesla you need to go for 85kWh and the only real question is P or P+.

At 450kNOK the basic 60kWh with no options is by all accounts a fantastic car, and all the options are expensive luxuries you can do without. The only two exceptions are the purely practical ones: child seats if your family size/composition dictates they will be useful, and super charger access if you want to go on road trips.

So a Norwegian who struggles to justify spending 700kNOK on a top spec Model S (or simply can't afford to), should just get the 450kNOK model already*. You don't need all the frills.

When many over here do get a top-spec MS it's probably because the buyers so far are the enthusiasts, because many Norwegians can obviously afford that if they really want it, and because many see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a lot of car without having to give any of that money to the tax man. When you spend +250kNOK for the top spec as compared to the basic 60kWh you know that all of those 250kNOK are going into making the car better rather than financing the govt. This is probably a very powerful driver for overspending on the car.

* Of course, many also can't afford that and so they need to wait a couple years still.

Same: all I see is cars from the IAA in Frankfurt.

Brian, maybe the problem is that we are outside of Norway.

Let's be realistic here, the situation in Norway cannot be compared to other countries in Europe due to the heavy incentives on tax cuts.
As a comparison, incentives in France are 7500€ (and this is probably a better benchmark for other European countries), so it does not change the game on a 100 K€ car.
A VW Golf will be at least 3 times cheaper, and not just 20%.
I would believe that except in Norway, the S will compete with other high end BMWs, Panameras, Mercedes. It will do well against those but will never make it to a top 10 selling car per country.

@Benz; scroll down the page...the (extensive) piece on Tesla is there.


Well in Estonia the subsistence is 18k€ and that's not a tax credit, but hard cash that they pay to you in just a few days after you show the paperwork that you've paid for the car.

Therefore the base 60k€ model costs in fact 48k€ making it comparable to average Audi. It's not as crazy incentive as being tax free in Norway (with huge tax on ICEs), but as our VAT rate is 20% said 18k makes up 30% of the purchase cost. Of course if you take a 85kWh model with options it'll be a smaller % win, but it's still substantial enough. Add to it the savings on fuel (for me ~2000€ a year, for most people who drive more than I do it's even more) over say five years and the car is on par with BMW 5 series or Audi A6 or even cheaper than those cars. Not quite a Ford Mondeo, but that would not be an equivalent comparison now would it...

As has been stated here before: This is a time limited phenomenon. If Fremont could deliver 3000 cars in Norway tomorrow they would sell 3000 cars tomorrow (if that is the number of accumulated reservations at this time). I think MS market share next year still will be solid, definitely top five, but I doubt it will be number one.

Imo European countries in general and Scandinavian countries in particular is the more advanced civilization in human history. The world may be a better place if that's an indication.

Anyone knows what the LEAF scored during the same period?

No, but in August Nissan Leaf was number 5.

August 2013, Norway
1. Volkswagen Golf 514 4,4%
2. Mazda CX-5 506 4,3%
3. Toyota Yaris 426 3,7%
4. Toyota Auris 459 3,9%
5. Nissan Leaf 448 3,8%

In the Netherlands a lot of people are not aware of the tax possibilities of driving electric. We are replacing our Volvo C30 1.6D, and the cost per month will stay equal....

So, tco for a new Golf Diesel or a Tesla P85 is almost equal. I believe that this opens possibilities for Tesla...


Do you mean private people, or do you mean people who have a business?

I made a quick article to be posted on yahoo! finance to get the word out:

Nice. Consumers, not costumers, if you can edit.


Thanks. You will probably find some errors. English isn't my first language. I'm relatively new to it.

Could have fooled me (no pun)!

Nice positive article, thanks Fred.

I think you both mean customers?

@Benz Thanks.

@Lessmog Yes.

20,000 hits in 18hrs, The word got out. Thank you royce1981 and everyone for sharing the information.

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