Tesla Vehicles vs ICDs and/or Pacemakers

Has Tesla looked at doing any additional EMI/EMC testing to confirm the vehicles will be safe
for passengers that have implanted ICDs or pacemakers?

yes, as that is required by the law in most countries
and probably all the countries the currently are selling the roadster

Honestly; why would it even be an issue? Because it has an electric motor? There's a smaller electric motor in every ICE car already. It's called the starter motor.

Emissions testing (not immunity) is appropriate - however, manufacturers of pacemakers and ICDs are required by law to demonstrate an appropriate level of immunity (EMI testing) to all emissions. This wasn't always true - but it is today.

Your monitor probably has much higher emissions than that efficient electric motor. Especially because distance square root reason, but also because it really is efficient, electric energy is changed to kinetic in ratio which just doesn't leave much to radiate anywhere.

Anybody wearing earplug speaker is putting variable frequency magnet inside their heads. That's a couple of thousand times closer than anything in car drivetrain, that means to reach same level of electromagnetic radiation engine would require something like couple of trillion terawatt of power which it obviously doesn't have. A cell phone in your pocket is actually a radio emitter/transmitter which means it is also several hundred times more powerful EM emitter than EV electric systems, and that also is a lot closer and still not causing any problems.

If you ask me entire "emission testing" is just BS for a reason that some pseudo-sciences have managed to get people worried.

Hey Timo, you have links to what kinda variation the EV drivetrain has versus your average cell phone for this? If I remember right, you get 10x more exposure from the cellphone than you do from the EV motor, or am I thinking of something else?

My PACEMAKER is being replaced so I wrote Medtronics and inquired if there were a potential problem with my beloved TESLA MODEL S. Here is their response:

The Tesla itself, will not interfere with the function of your implanted heart device. However we do encourage patient's with heart devices to follow the manufacture's guidelines they set forth in the owner's manual that are not limited to, but may include:
If you use any medical electric devices, such as an implantable cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardiovascular defibrillator, check with the electric medical device manufacturer concerning the effects that charging may have on implanted devices before starting the charge operation. Charging may affect the operation.
If you have an implantable cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardiovascular defibrillator, while the Li-ion battery is charging:
— Do not stay inside the vehicle.
— Do not go inside the vehicle, for example to remove or place an item in the passenger compartment.
— Do not open the rear hatch, for example to remove or place an item in the cargo area.
Charging may affect the operation of electric medical device and result in serious personal injury or death.

I was never aware of these suggestions and have violated them many times in the past year.

Vin 3248 Model S, most options.

Lawyers! They just can't let their clients take ANY chances. Better safe than sued.

There are other restrictions like using certain chainsaws, mig welders, etc. I have done both without an issue, but I did set my ICD off on a hike (now set more realistically for my lifestyle). I can tell you that if you have one and your Tesla is discharged, simply run jumpers from the ICD to the battery. The car will go at least ten miles on that.

Those sparks that ICE engines and things like mig welders make actually cause quite strong electromagnetic radiation. In old days you could sometimes see them in TV screen, which means a LOT stronger radiation than EV:s do that actually is in potentially dangerous frequencies (kHz range pulsed interference).

While I have never had a problem with my pacemaker being in or near the car, I wonder if using a SUPER CHARGER has more of an effect than my garage charger. I now use SUPER CHARGERS a lot, and love them.(as well as the car, of course.)

SC is DC. It's EM field doesn't even oscillate. Frankly, you get more dangerous field from ordinary housecat (static electricity).

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